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For more than 40 years the Pryde Group have been at the apex of performance Action Sports equipment design, manufacture and distribution. With market leading brands such as NeilPryde Windsurfing, Cabrinha Kitesurfing, JP Australia and more recently Neil Pryde Bikes the Pryde Group have stood for technology, innovation and performance. Out of this passion for success comes NeilPryde Sailing, a brand driven by the Pryde Group’s core philosophy - that excellence is not optional and that “Winning is Everything”.

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About Neil Pryde
There are many people that even today don’t realise that the brand is actually named after a real man – Neil Pryde. Having started as a sail maker some 40 years ago Neil now heads up one of the World’s leading water sports companies producing renowned brand names such as Neil Pryde Windsurfing, JP Australia and Cabrinha Kitesurfing. More recently the NeilPryde loft has become well known as the supplier of gear for RS:X Olympic windsurfing class together with being the preferred sail maker to the 49er and 29er class. The distinctive blue and white bulls eye is a regular sight at all the major regattas worldwide. It is Sailing that is Neil’s passion. Neil has been sailing, and more importantly racing since a small boy growing up in New Zealand. Having been to the 505 World Champions and represented his country in the FD at the Mexico Olympics Neil has continued his love of competitive sailing to become one of Asia’s most successful and renowned skippers having won the Phuket King’s Cup an unprecedented four times as well numerous other champions in the region.

Total concentration, determination and a fanatical will to win is what makes Neil Pryde, the man such a respected figure in the world of sailing. That same determination and drive we put into producing the equipment that carries his name. You can be sure that the heritage of 40 years of competition is in everything we do, continuing the mantra that has served man and brand well over the years.

Neil Pryde Products
The 2012 NEILPRYDE Sailing collection sees the continued evolution of the brand to bring you, the committed sailor, the most comprehensive technical sailing apparel products available.

The Dinghy line is further improved through the introduction of the ELITE MATRIX, featuring NeilPryde’s unique Matrix Core neoprene giving unrivalled light weight thermal flex performance.
Similarly the ELITE harness combines many years of harness design technology to offer a superbly fitted, total support harness with incredible freedom.

Finally the introduction of the NeilPryde Accessory line of covers and mast and foil protection adds a new dimension to the NeilPryde brand. Designed and built to offer your baby the maximum
protection possible and at the same time keeping her bling!

2012 is set to be an incredible year for NeilPryde with our most complete product collection ever built on our commitment to deliver you the most performing, stylish gear available. Enjoy the ride!

We at Mauri Pro Sailing are fully committed to be your Neil Pryde Sailing Gear specialist not only providing the sailing community with a comprehensive and easy to use web site but with all the appropriate technical information that you might need to select your sailboat hardware and equipment. If you need any assistance selecting the appropriate Neil Pryde Sailing Gear Please contact us. Our crew is ready to help!


neil pryde matrixMATRIX
Unique to NEILPRYDE, the MATRIX is a revolutionary neoprene core containing micro AirDome cells significantly improving Heat insulation and reduction in weight.

neil pryde firewireFIREWIRE
Same incredible Matrix neoprene Air Dome core for exceptional insulation and lightness but with the enhanced benefit of FIREWIRE lining. FIREWIRE is the warmest inner liner available, hollow mirco fi bre technology ensures total insulation.

neil pryde mls technologyMLS
The ELITE range of Longjohns, Heatseekers, Themalites and Rashguards are all designed to be used in any combination with each other to provide the most fl exible, high performance protection to combat any weather condition. Together they form the MLS or Modular Layering System, the most effective collection if technical sailing apparel available.

Simply the best neoprene available. Limestone based neoprene from Yamamoto Corporation, Japan. This smooth closed cell neoprene has a unique coating that makes it 95% water impermeable compared to 70% for standard neoprene. As a result, it sheds off more water, quicker. S5 also provides maximum wind chill protection with a 23% higher closed cell ratio than the standard neoprene.

neil pryde bambooBAMBOO
Charcoal is known for its inherent antimicrobial and anti-odor properties. This natural fi ber is woven into our wetsuit lining to provide hygiene benefi ts. Anti-bacterial & Anti-odor: Bamboo Charcoal contains a unique agent called “bamboo kun” that is resistant to bacteria (bamboo grows in the wild without any pesticides). This is a natural property without adding anti-bacterial chemicals that may cause allergic reactions. The effects of “bamboo kun” are validated by the Japan Textile Inspection Association. Bamboo Charcoal prevents soiling and growth of odor causing bacteria in your wetsuit caused by body oils, sweat, and saltwater. We still recommended washing your wetsuit after every use to prolong the lifespan and avoid aging of the neoprene.

Warmth: Due to its porous nature, Bamboo Charcoal absorbs infrared light - the so-called “rays of life” from the environment and passes it through to the body. Far infrared is part of the spectrum of light emanating from the sun. It is not visible to the eye, but you feel it as heat penetrating into your skin. Far infrared warms your body, improves blood circulation and speeds up metabolism and cell growth.

Natural: Bamboo Charcoal is eco-friendly and sustainable. It is one of the fastest growing plants which re-grows without replanting.

Comfortable: Bamboo Charcoal feels silky and comfortable against your skin.

Lightweight , quick drying fl eece insulation. The cellular structure traps an insulating layer of warm water next to the skin, keeping the core temperature up.

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