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Naish Kiteboarding, Paddle Boarding and Windsurfing

Naish Kiteboarding
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Naish Watersports

Mauri Pro is pleased to be able to offer the Naish watersport product line.

Naish is a company that’s not afraid to tread its own path. Based on Maui, Hawaii, Naish began life as an innovative windsurfing company and over the years, have evolved and grown into the brand you see today.Team Naish has always looked for new and exciting ways to help everyone enjoy the world of boardriding. Proud of its heritage, Naish embraces their past while constantly looking forward for ways to improve.


Kiteboard Kites

The Naish Xeon Kite is built for beginners in mind to help them gain confidence. By making the kite reinforced against impacts, with an internal seam construction for a stable canopy shape. Other Naish kites are the Trip which is for intermediate riders that's built for travel, and the Fly which is lightweight to give a power ride in light wind conditions.

Kiteboard Boards

Naish boards are made with every kind of kiteboard rider in mind. The different kind of boards are Directional and Twin Tip. Each one is made with the newest technology in kite boarding and fresh artwork that gives you altitude and attention. While the Hero twin tip board, which is built with the outline, rocker, and flex to give a forgiving ride and on-demand control.

Make sure before buying any board you look at the wind, and water conditions where you want to kite board to make sure you have the most fun.

Kiteboard Control Systems

Naish’s control system gives you all you need to guide you and your kite to that big air or huge wave. From the 5 Line Control System, which has a simplified V-design and high texture grip; making it easier to release and reload.

Padding boarding

Paddleboard boards

Paddleboarding is one of the fastest growing watersports in the world. You can bring your board out to any kind of water. Each board listed is inflatable, making it easier to carry and travel around to different water locations. Every board catered to a certain kind of paddle boarder. The Mana Air is built to help novices learn how to paddle board by being incredibly stable and easy to turn.

Make sure before buying any board you look at the wind, and water conditions where you want to paddle board to make sure you have the most fun.

Paddleboard Paddles

Naish’s paddles help you get you where you want to go in style and comfort. These different types of materials make each paddle feel different and mold to different conditions. The Kaholo, Makani, and the Race LE are made for racers who want light paddles and great performance.


Windsurf Sails

Windsurfing is a sport that combines sailing and surfing. The Scout SE is made for beginners and remains strong against all first time mistakes. The Naish Bullet, a race sail which delivers high performance, high speeds, and tight controls.

Windsurf Boards

Made just like their windsurf sails, they’re made to fit the style of the windsurfer. Naish created their boards for people who want to plane, require high speeds, freestyle movements, or crave maneuverability. The Wave, Starship, and Global are all specialized to work in any kind of water conditions. Windsurf board Bullet, which is designed for the highest speeds and the best control.


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