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About Naish Kiteboarding

About Naish Boardriding
Naish is a company that’s not afraid to tread its own path. Based on Maui, Hawaii, they began life as an innovative windsurfing company and over the years, have evolved and grown into the brand you see today. With wind, water and waves in their blood, team Naish has always looked for new and exciting ways to help everyone enjoy the world of boardriding. Proud of its heritage, Naish kiteboarding embraces their past while constantly looking forward for ways to improve.

Today Naish is a leading force in windsurfing, kiteboarding, and stand up paddling. With multiple world championship titles in each sport and tens of thousands of sails, kites, and boards under their belt, Naish truly lives and breathes boardriding. Through innovative designs and engineering, state-of-the-art production techniques and advanced materials, Naish continues to push the envelope with industry leading boardriding products year after year.

Whether you windsurf, kiteboard or stand up paddle, you can be confident that they have just what you need to take your riding to the next level, regardless of your skill set.

About Naish Kiteboarding
In 2014, Naish Kiteboarding has created a lineup of new kites and boards designed to push its riders to the next level. The Naish Pivot kite is the newest product to the Naish Kiteboarding product line. The Pivot kite is the new freeride/wave kite that is designed to turn and pivord on a small axis, giving it intuitive steering. Naish Kiteboarding also released the Monarch board which is intended for the freestyle riders. The Monarch board best features some of the many innovations which across the line of Naish Twin Tip kiteboards. The full carbon bottom and top stiffens the board and give it great flex response, giving this board an amazing pop and unmatched durability. Naish Kiteboarding has also developed their previous Mafia Harness to maximize comfort while spreading the load on the rider. This Harness from Naish Kiteboarding includes an EVA foam that provides padding that holds the harness in place with a neoprene lining for superior comfort.

The Naish kiteboarding product line also features notable kites such as the Torch, which has been advanced year after year to advance the precision response used in hook and unhooked riding for freestyle riders. Gradually through the years, Naish Kiteboarding has made this kite lighter and responsive for the board rider. Another notable kite from Naish Kiteboarding is the Trip kite, which uses a simple designed with absolutely no sturts. Without the struts, this kite can be packed down into a bag that is 30% smaller than the equivalent kite with struts. This Naish Kiteboarding travel kite is intended for the intermediate to advanced rider who plan on taking their kite to a new location for freeriding, wave riding or even snow kiting.

Naish delivers premium quality boardriding products that you can depend on session after session, day after day, for years to come. The future of kiteboarding is taking shape and gathering pace, and Naish is leading the charge! Are you ready?


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