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Born on the beach in the 70s, Mistral understands water, wind, waves and the original beach lifestyle like no other brand. Decades of designing and building innovative performance boards culminated in their current line of SUPs. Mistral SUP boards are designed in different categories for different disciplines. From surfing the ocean’s waves to relaxed paddling excursions along the coast or over a serene lake or running river, Mistral boards have you covered. Their SUP boards are also about paddling and socializing with family and friends on the weekend, fitness workouts or formalized SUP yoga classes. Whatever SUP is to you, Mistral makes the boards you need to make your experience rewarding and fun.

Mistral SUP Epoxy Boards
In 2007 Mistral developed the Mistral Pacifico SUP boards and launched the “2 in 1” fun concept, combining windsurfing and stand up paddle boarding. Today all of Mistral's hard SUPs, except for their race boards, offer this option..

Mistral SUPs are constructed in a mold, so all boards are identical. Three layers of fiberglass cloth are wrapped around the styrofoam core in an epoxy resin matrix to form an inner sandwich wall in combination with strong and durable 1.0 mm original wood including an extra layer of wood on the deck. The core materials are then ‘sandwiched‘ into the SUP board during the molding process. Wood lends its natural rigidity, superior resistance to compression and higher energy absorption. When the wood is molded together with the fiberglass cloth and epoxy resin, a very hard outer layer is created that gives the SUP board a very durable ‘shell’. Because of the extra strength the wood gives the board, the SUPs are very durable and a lighter foam can be used which makes the boards extremely light.

Mistral SUP Inflatable Boards
During the 80s and 90s, Mistral pioneered inflatable windsurfing boards. In 1989, Mistral launched the ‘Windglider’, labeling it a ‘Multi Purpose Watercraft’. During 2011 Mistral pioneered the production of One Design Class inflatable SUP boards, which set a global market standard.

Mistral inflatable SUP boards are made using heavy duty pvc, hardened rubber materials and have multiple layers of urethane, polymer and UV protection to create a protective barrier around a drop stitch core. With drop stitch construction, thousands of fine polyester threads connect both the top and bottom layers, creating a stronger link that can withstand much higher pressures. This process creates a highly durable and extremely rock-hard rigid inflatable SUP board offering a ride very similar to a regular hard SUP. The Mistral inflatable SUPs are very durable and light to carry and can be used for a variety of paddling, from entry level cruising to speed racing and from paddling in the surf to beginners in SUP (rental) centers. These exceptional SUPs are easily stored in apartments, in the overhead compartments of planes or in the back of your car.

Mistral SUP Paddles
A SUP paddle blade has two important surfaces. The back is the low-pressure side facing away from the paddler, the front is the side which pressures the water and against which the paddler pulls. A dihedral is a slightly raised ridge originating at the neck of the blade, gently leveling off toward the mid-section. During the paddle stroke, this encourages water to exit the edges evenly, so it remains ‘balanced’ while completely flat paddles can have a tendency to oscillate (flutter) left and right.

The classic Mistral Full Carbon SUP Paddle features a slightly rounded back blade face, especially beneficial for stand up paddle surfing since this shape will cut through the waves easily. The single piece SUP paddles from Mistral are generally equipped with an oval shaft. This increases stiffness and has the advantage of ensuring you maintain the blade in the correct position relative to the board.

The adjustable SUP paddles are offered in both a full carbon and fiberglass version. In the full carbon paddle the blade is also made out of carbon. The blade on the fiberglass paddle is made out of polypropylene with glass armoring. Both feather light blades have a high impact strength and do not damage the rails of your SUP.

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