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About Mistral:
Born on the beach in the 70s, Mistral understands water, wind, waves and the original beach lifestyle like no other brand. Decades of designing and building innovative performance boards culminated in our current line of SUP boards. The SUP community has in the mean time, evolved to create a world of it’s own, through a vehicle of inspiration, where everyone can enjoy the sport in many different forms. Mistral is facilitating enthusiasts with amazing SUP products.
Experience you can feel, a heritage you can trust.

The best thing about SUP is that it is a social sport, offering endless fun paddling together with friends or family. No one need be left out. Anyone, whether athletic or not, can do it, young or old. Moreover, SUP is a great workout while having fun and making new friends. It connects people and gives enjoyment to all involved, under all conditions, be it cold or warm weather or waters, on lakes, rivers or on the ocean. No wonder it has in recent years, been the fastest growing water sport in the world. It really is a worldwide phenomenon.

During the 80s and 90s, Mistral pioneered inflatable windsurfing boards, which sold successfully in extreme numbers. In 1989, Mistral launched the ‘Windglider’ labeling it a ‘Multi Purpose Watercraft’. During 2011 Mistral pioneered the production of One Design Class iSUP boards, which set a global market standard.

In 2007 Mistral developed the Mistral Pacifico SUP boards and launched the “2 in 1” fun concept, combining windsurfing and stand up paddle boarding. Today all of Mistral's hard boards, except for their race boards, offer this option, giving people more ways to have fun with their boards.

Mistral SUP boards are designed in different categories for different disciplines. Whether surfing the ocean’s waves or relaxed paddling excursions along the coast or over a serene lake or running river, Mistral boards have you covered. Their boards are also about paddling and socializing with family and friends on the weekend, fitness workouts or formalized yoga classes. The different disciplines of Surf, Cross, Cruiser or Race, are listed in the categories above for easy navigation. Whatever SUP is to you, Mistral makes the boards you need to make your experience rewarding and fun.

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