Lewmar Deck Organizers



Lewmar Organizers

Deck Organizers are useful when there is only two winches to handle eight or nine lines. To use both winches effectively, a deck organizer is place aft of the stopper bank so lines can be routed to the far side winch. More common on custom boats which lead the control lines straight to a stopper bank.

Lewmar Ocean Organizers

Lewmar Ocean Deck Organizers are designed to have space to pass two lines pass between each sheave. Bushed sheaves prevent over tightening of sheaves when fastening. Can be double stacked. Wide rope angle entry. Interchangeable alloy or acetal sheaves. 
  • Bushed Sheaves
  • Tough interchangeable acetal or alloy sheaves
  • Stackable

    Lewmar Synchro Organizer

    Sheaves run on dual Delrin ball races. Space to pass two lines between each sheave. 1-5/8" sheaves with 5/16" (10mm) max. line size. Aluminum housing. Takes M5 bolts as fasteners. SWL is per sheave.
  • Flush fixings
  • Bushed sheaves with side thrust ball bearings
  • Wide rope entry