Lewmar Anchoring



Lewmar Anchoring

Lewmar Anchor Rodes
Anchor Rodes from Lewmar are designed to complement the rope-chain gypsies fitted to all Lewmar windlasses and are Welded for high strength. Calibrated for even pitch and hot dip galvanised to minimise corrosion.Smooth rope-to-chain transition helps your windlass operate smoothly. Hand-sewn whipping guarantees against unravelling.

Bow Rollers
Bow Rollers from Lewmar give you a friction-free surface to make dropping and weighing anchor easier. Allows you to safely stow anchor while cruising and deploy at short notice and will prevent damage to the deck or topsides. Constructed of 304 stainless steel. Range of rollers to fit the most common combinations of anchor, mounting style and boat.

Lewmar Chain Stoppers
Windlasses are not designed to hold high loads while a boat is at anchor. When the windlass is not in use and the sailboat is at anchor, the chain should be secured using a Chain Stopper from Lewmar or the rope rode should be attached to a load-bearing point such as a cleat. Lewmar has created a beautiful new range of cast stainless chain stoppersmade from 316 stainless steel, perfect for sleep-filled nights and lazy lunches.

Lewmar Claw Anchor
Design based on anchors used to secure oil rigs in the North Sea. The Claw anchor from Lewmar is constructed of high-grade steel cast in a single piece. It sets effortlessly, hold in a variety of seabeds and stows easily on the bow roller of most boats.

CQR Anchor
The C.Q.R® anchor from Lewmar has gained legendary status for its superior performance. The original drop-forged construction of the C.Q.R® anchor increases its strength and reliability under load - a genuine sailboat C.Q.R.® anchor will not break. Its hinged shank delivers consistent setting and holding even in the very worst conditions. The C.Q.R.® is guaranteed for life against breakage and has Lloyd's Approval as a High Holding Power anchor.

Lewmar Delta Anchors
The Delta® anchor from Lewmar is constructed of high-grade manganese steel and stainless steel for maximum tensile strength. Its unique shank profile and ballasted tip make it self-launching. And its low center of gravity and self-righting geometry ensure that it will set immediately. Consistent and reliable in performance, the Delta® sailbaot anchor is guaranteed for life against breakage, has Lloyd's Approval as a High Holding Power anchor and is specified as the primary anchor used by numerous National Lifeboat Organizations.