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We at Mauri Pro are proud to offer a high-quality, diverse shop to help kiteboarders find everything they may need to complete their kiteboarding equipment, clothing and accessory kits. Our shop features kites, boards, kiteboard bars and lines, footstraps, pumps, kiteboard fins, leashes, harnesses, wind meters and a full-range of kiteboarding clothing and accessories.


Mauri Pro offers the top kites from Best, Cabrinha and Naish kiteboarding. Our freeride kites are available for the kiteboarder who plans on going out for leisure rides or practicing free style tricks. The surf kites we offer are for riders who want a durable kite that is easy to relaunch and ideal for kitesurfing. The racing kite range is available for kiteboarders who want every knot of speed they can get to get the edge in any race. No matter what level or type of kiteboarder you are, Mauri Pro has the gear to ensure you make the most of your time kitesurfing.


At Mauri Pro we also offer a wide selection of kiteboards to meet the need of every kiteboarder. We carry specialty boards from Cabrinha, Naish and Best Kiteboarding.

We offer all-around twin tip boards that make great free-ride and general purpose boards as well as specialty boards for freestyle, wakestyle, light wind and even wakeskate riding. We also offer twin tip boards for a variety of rider sizes, skill levels and boards made especially for female Kiteboarders.

Mauri Pro also carries directional boards- great for kiting upwind and racing.

Surf Style directional boards are designed similarly to traditional surfboards to allow riders to surf waves, combining kiting and surfing.

Kiteboard Bars and Lines

Mauri Pro offers a wide variety of kiteboarding bars and lines from Cabrinha, Naish and Best Kiteboarding. Our kite bars and lines are designed by the experts in the industry to ensure the best in comfort, grip, steering, trim range and control.

We also carry spare parts and accessories for kiteboarding control lines and bars to help keep your kiteboard equipment at its finest year-round.

Kiteboard Footstraps

The Mauri Pro Kiteboarding Shop also offers high-quality kiteboarding footstraps. Also known as bindings, your footstraps attach you to your board. Footstraps are used in all styles of twin tip riding, including freeriding, freestyle and wakesyle kiteboarding.

Our Cabrinha and Naish footstraps offer innovative comfort and simplicity for kiteboarders of all skill levels. These kiteboard bindings are designed to work specifically with their respective brand boards.

Kiteboard Pumps

We offer modern high-speed pumps that will get your gear in perfect condition and you out on the water in no time. Mauri Pro offers kiteboard pumps by Best, Cabrinha and Naish. These pumps will help to inflate your kites in the most efficient and quickest times so you can spend less time preparing and more time on the water.

Our kiteboard pumps are easy and quick to use. Each pump is designed to work specifically with that brand's kites.

Kiteboard Fins

The Mauri Pro Kiteboarding Shop offers kiteboard fins to help complete your kiteboarding kit.

Best Kiteboarding fins provide superior traction allowing for increased forward motion. These wakestyle fins provide a hard grip with a clean release to help you achieve the best in jumping performance. We offer different sizes so you can experiement with the range that best fits your wakestyle kitesurfing needs.

Kiteboard Leashes

Mauri Pro carries kiteboarding leashes of all lengths to match the personal preferences of and riding styles of all kiteboarders. Our selection of leashes include emergency releases, with some models featuring swivels as well.

Our long leashes allow kiteboarders to ride unhooked- perfect for performing handle passes and other tricks.

Kiteboard Harnesses

The Mauri Pro offers a wide seletion of kiteboarding harnesses to help keep you performing at your best and kiting longer. As essential part of your gear, harnesses have been thoroughly redesigned with the most innovative resources available from Best, NP and Naish.

Our kiteboard harnesses feature functional designs with an emphasis on ergonomics and represent some of the most technologically advanced harnesses the sport of kiteboarding has ever seen. The harnesses featured by Mauri Pro offer the best in comfort and control regardless of rider style, gender, size or skill level.

Kiteboard Accessories

The Mauri Pro Kiteboarding Shop features a range of equipment from Best Kiteboading to help stock, upgrade or repair or kiteboard. Browse our collection of bar parts, kite parts, leashes and chicken loops.

Kiteboard Wind Meters

We offer top of the line kiteboard wind meters to complete kiteboarding kits of all skill levels. Wind meters are absolutely necessary for kiteboarders to ensure accuracy when preparing for leisure or race kiting. Wind meters are also a helpful tool for sailors and windsurfers.

The Mauri Pro Kiteboarding Shop offers wind meters from Ronstan and Davis for easy and accurate wind speed readings.

Our wind meters help kiteboarders decide which kite from their quiver to use. Having a proper wind meter will allow a safe and exciting day of kiting.

Kiteboard Clothing

Mauri Pro offers simply the best kiteboarding clothing for kiting of all skill levels and all conditions. Our clothing shop features the top brands in the industry- Best Kiteboarding, Gill, Zhik, SLAM, Neil Pryde (NP), Ronstan, SEA, Ocean Rodeo and Henri Lloyd clothing.

We offer a wide range of techincal gear to ensure you're fully dressed for the best kiteboarding experience possible. The Mauri Pro Kiteboarding Shop features boardshorts, wetsuits, kiteboarding harnesses, rash guards, water shoes and drysuits. Our kiteboarding clothing is available in junior, women and men sizes.