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Kiteboarding Clothing Overview

Mauri Pro Sailing is committed to offering the best kiteboarding clothing to suit your needs. The Mauri Pro Kiteboarding Clothing Shop offers the top brands at the best prices. We offer Best Kiteboarding, Gill, Zhik, SLAM, Neil Pryde (NP), Ronstan, SEA, Ocean Rodeo and Henri Lloyd clothing. The Mauri Pro Kiteboarding Clothing Shop features boardshorts, wetsuits, kiteboarding harnesses, rash guards, water shoes and drysuits. We offer a wide range of kiteboarding clothing including junior, women and men sizes.We want to offer the best selection of gear and the knowledge to make your choice with confidence.

Best Kiteboarding Clothing

Best Kiteboarding is driven by their love for kiteboarding. They aim to create the best possible gear for every rider in the world. Best Kiteboarding clothing and accessories are innovative and driven by an endless obsession with kiting. All Best Kiteboarding equipment is built to last and be easily repaired. They work to offer the safest and highest quality products possible.

It just keeps on getting better and this season Best hasmade the perfect waist harness for any rider looking for comfort and control regardless of their preferred riding style.

To give you maximum lower back support they have crafted an all new 3D sculpted anatomic lumber support that follows the curvature of your lower vertebrae. It moves and flexes with your body providing comfort and support in equal measure. A wrap-around, Thermoformed EVA body belt ensures there’s no hot spots on your harness and allows freedom of movement so you can express your riding style. Fastened with our dual strap closure you can adjust your spreader bar position to fully customize your harness fit.

Triple stitched and reinforced all round the waist harness is trimmed with soft neoprene edging. The integrated spreader bar pad protects your ribcage from crash landings and an additional spreader bar strap helps keep everything locked down for riding in insanely powered conditions.

Around the back of the harness you’ll find out heavy duty handlepass leash loop and two stainless steel D-ring leash attachment points that are ready to rock with any safety leash set-up including our new Pinless Micro Leash safety system. We finish the waist harness off with a machined aluminium, double bladed, hook knife that will get you out of trouble should you ever need it

Gill Kiteboarding Clothing

Gill's designing process starts with a group of atheltes at all levels getting together and going through their kit bags.

Gill then designs a range of clothing to meet the exact specifications and when they have prototypes, Gill asks them to test the products. Gill's kiteboarding gear features extensive in-house and independent lab testing programm then adds an additional level of assurance that the products will do the job.

Gill Drysuits are made of a high-quality 3-layer fabric that is the perfect blend of waterproof barrier, breathable comfort and durability. Each seam is fully taped and the zipper is a Durable Dynat® waterproof zipper. Ankle seals are latex with covers and internal suspenders ensure a comfortable fit. Gill drysuits have reinforced seat and knee panels for extra durability and a low-profile thigh pocket provides easy access to important items

Zhik Kiteboarding Clothing

Zhik research has the aim to develop and improve their gear for the performance of the athletes that choose their technical clothing. Zhik kiteboarding clothing and accessories are used and backed by worldclass atheletes. The variety of kiteboarding clothing protect and provide comfort for the full spectrum of conditions. Whatever the environment, these kiteboarding products will help your performance to adapt to the condition.

For more than 40 years the Pryde Group have been at the apex of performance Action Sports equipment design, manufacture and distribution. With market leading brands such as NeilPryde Windsurfing, Cabrinha Kitesurfing, JP Australia and more recently Neil Pryde Bikes the Pryde Group have stood for technology, innovation and performance. Out of this passion for success comes NeilPryde Sailing, a brand driven by the Pryde Group’s core philosophy - that excellence is not optional and that “Winning is Everything”.

MATRIX- Unique to NEILPRYDE, the MATRIX is a revolutionary neoprene core containing micro AirDome cells significantly improving Heat insulation and reduction in weight.
FIREWIRE-Same incredible Matrix neoprene Air Dome core for exceptional insulation and lightness but with the enhanced benefit of FIREWIRE lining. FIREWIRE is the warmest inner liner available, hollow mirco fi bre technology ensures total insulation.
S5- Simply the best neoprene available. Limestone based neoprene from Yamamoto Corporation, Japan. This smooth closed cell neoprene has a unique coating that makes it 95% water impermeable compared to 70% for standard neoprene. As a result, it sheds off more water, quicker. S5 also provides maximum wind chill protection with a 23% higher closed cell ratio than the standard neoprene.

SLAM Kiteboarding Clothing

SLAM's passion for research and innovation, together with the appreciation of their customers, has made SLAM the brand of technical clothing chosen by the greatest athletes in the world. The mission of SLAM has always been to "conceive, test and produce" advanced technology sportswear in order to improve the performance of kiteboarders and to create a nautically-inspired sportswear collection for everyone with a passion for the sea.

About Slam Rash Guards

  • Anatomic and ergonomic fit
  • UV protective material
  • Quick-drying fabric
  • Internal anti-ride silicone grip on trim
  • Reinforced flat stitch for double hold

Neil Pryde (NP) Kiteboarding Clothing

Neil Pryde (NP) offers simply the best kiteboarding clothing so you can achieve the ultimate performance. All NP clothing offers flexibility, durablity and affordablity optimal for kiteboarders of all levels. Neil Pryde features elegantly engineered products that continue to dominate and innovate the kiteboarding clothing market.

NP makes a range of Harnesses to accomadate a variety of riding styles, sizes, genders and sizes. With models like the Raven Harness that is designed specifically with the unique demands and body shape of the female rider in mind. the Bomb that is designed with confort in mind to help the rider stay out longer. The Mirage Kiteboarding Harness is designed specifically for freestyle kiting.

The Gravity Harness is Made to feel like riding naked, with ultra light construction.

The Gravity Seat harness is unique in that it provides dynamic support to the seat and hip area. The core seat Is ultra durable and is ideal for beginners and kite schools.

Ronstan Kiteboarding Clothing

Ronstan provides top of the line kiteboarding performance clothing that helps athletes adjust to the elements. The newest line of Ronstan kiteboarding gear uses a combination of materials to enhance their unique properties such as water repellence, wind-proofing, drying speed and thermal qualities. These materieals are used where needed to provide the upmost in comfort and flexibility.

About Ronstan Thermal Tops

• Low collar maximises comfort when layering.
• Seamless underarm panel.
• UPF 50+ UV resistant.
• Water proof outer treatment.

SEA Kiteboarding Clothing

SEA (Sail Equipment Australia) manufactures and designs technical gear for both recreational and high performance athletes. SEA kiteboarding clothing works closely with a top-notch design team in coordination with athletes to provide products that are innovative, comfortable and durable. SEA kiteboarding gear features products that are going to allow you to go harder for longer.

About SEA Rash Guards

The Metalite Long Sleeve Hottop is a gear bag essential and has been a long time best performer. Designed to minimize wind chill and improve performance by retaining body heat in cooler conditions. The Hottop is best worn in windy, cooler or wet conditions. The long sleeve Hottop can be worn separately or combined with Thermo Skins and Spray jacket for greater warmth.

• 0.5 mm Metalite reflective layer
• Flatlock stitching
• Spandex neck for comfort
• Maximum UV protection
• Ultra thin, flexible & comfortable

Ocean Rodeo Kiteboarding Clothing

Ocean Rodeo makes unique drysuits that don't look like drysuits- they loook more like well tailored snowboard jackets and trouser. Ocean Rodeo kiteboarding clothing features unique technology and design principles that allow their products to meet the new levels of performance, aesthetics and safety all demanded by the modern kiteboarder. Ocean Rodeo designs, builds, tests, redesigns, re-tests, re-thinks every product they offer to ensure the safest, more peformance orientated wind and water experience.

Ocean Rodeo's newest drysuit, the SOUL is unique in its technology and design. Unlike the "Sloppy Bag" look of conventional drysuits this suit looks like a well tailored snowboard jacket and pants. the SOUL is more flexible than a wesuit and has customizable levels of warmth. This suit uses features such as waterproof/breathable material, captive zip technology for flexible self entry, a pee relief zipper and a removable hood to ensurethe SOUL is the premier suit for SUPing, Kiting and Sailing. the SOUL is a drysuit that combines new levels of performance, aesthetics and safety for demanding water sports enthusiasts

Henri Lloyd Kiteboarding Clothing

Henri Lloyd is founded upon the hard earned principles of honesty, integrity and freedom. It is these principles that are the foundations for the high-quality Henri Lloyd kiteboarding drysuits being produced today. The brand today is committed to servicing athletes by providing top gear to keep kiteboarders comfortable against the elements without sacrificing mobility and performance.

Henri Lloyd Drysuits have been designed to give you that crucial edge over your competition. Articulated for ease of movement and contoured to reduce windage the TP1 Pace Dry suit comes with a host of features, which include a neoprene neck and cuff seal, latex boots, hook and loop external ankle adjustment and bat wing waist adjustment.

Rash Guards

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