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At Mauri Pro we offer a wide selection of kiteboards to meet the need of every kiteboarder. Kiteboards fall into two broad catagories: Twin tip boards which are symetrical and can be tacked or jibed by changing direction of the kite and Directional boards which are asymetrical and change tack by changing the orientation of the board.

Twin Tip Kiteboards

The boards featured in the Mauri Pro Kiteboarding Shop have been designed and tested by the most competitve kiteboarders in the industry. These boards offer the smoothest kiting and damping in all conditions. Our selection of twin tip kiteboards inspire the most in performance and are nothing short of the best. We offer twin tip boards for a variety of rider sizes, skill levels and boards made especially for female kiteboarders.

Directional Kiteboards

Directional boards are great for kiting upwind, kiting upwind and racing. Surf Style directional boards are designed similarly to traditional surfboards to allow riders to surf waves, combining kiting and surfing. The directional kiteboards we offer are efficient, easy-to-ride and offer amazing results in both peformance and usage. You can feel confident that the power and durability of these boards will hold up regardless of the conditions.

Twin Tip Kiteboards
Directional Kitesurfing Boards

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