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About JP Stand-Up Paddleboarding
JP has made strides in the SUP industry by providing a full line of paddleboards made for all the variety of riders in the sport. While pursuing constant innovations with its Sportster and Race lines, JP has applied its designs to the rest of the Stand up Paddle boards that they have to offer. Whether you are a cruiser and like the balance and leisure of a widebody board, or if you love the sleek and durable designs for the surf, JP will have you covered. Inflatable designs even allow you to take your board everywhere you go with a backpack carrying case. The soft deck board layouts even allow fun for the whole family. JP SUP works with the best materials to give you the amazing product made to go where you plan to paddle.

JP Inflatable SUP
The innovative Inflatable SUP product line from JP is the solution for an easy to transport at paddleboard while traveling. These inflatable SUPs come in in an advanced drop stitched construction that allows the board to be stiffer and lighter than a variety of other inflatable boards. When traveling, these inflatable boards can be stored in a backpack. The JP inflatable are great addition to any boat owners inventory as they are practical and easy to carry while needing very little space. These JP inflatable boards can be used by the whole family with pads covering the whole standing area, with no rigid parts to cause harm if fallen on or after being tumbled by a wave. Even if you choose to leave these boards on deck, JP has designed these inflatables to minimize all damage to the board or the boat.

JP Rigid SUP
JP has developed a large range of boards made to cover all ranges of water conditions for paddleboarding. The Surf JP SUP range is designed to take the radical surf board design and modified it for the needs of stand up paddleboarding in waves. The JP Surf Wide Body design takes that design and widen the board to create a very stable board with a tight turning radius. The short body style of this board makes it very stable and offers immediate success in the waves. The JP Fusion board with is the next step down from waves in the sense that it is designed for light to medium waves. The JP AllRounds are the fastest boards in a straight line because of their directional stability.The JP Wide Bodys are the most stable boards, because of their width and are therefore the best boards for beginners in flat water and waves. For 2014 JP involved a great group of ladies to design with us a specific women’s SUP line. Everyone was in favor of giving the line a little more diversity and to offer the girls an opportunity to choose a shape to their particular SUP preferences. The whole range comes with a FCS plug in the nose,which comes on a number of JP SUP boards, to attach a GoPro camera. They also come with a mast foot insert to attach a windsurf rig.

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