Horn Cleats & Accessories


Horn Cleats & Accessories- Overview

Whether you are tying to the dock or towing something in and need a stable cleat, Mauri Pro Sailing provides an assortment of horn cleats from the top brands to keep your boat in the harbor when you aren't. Schaefer designs tough cleats are anodized to provide the strength and corrosion resistance you need for years of reliable service. Antal provides a horn cleat solution that is adjustable to give you the best spot to tie down.

Track<br>Adjustable Cleats
Antal Roller Cleats
Horn Cleats and Bollards
Four Hole<br>Deck Cleats
Low Profile Cleats
Mid-Rail<br>Chock & Cleat
Open Base Cleats
Self Jamming Cleats
Stainless<br>Deck Cleats
Stainless<br>Open Base Cleats

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