Henri Lloyd Sailing Gloves

Henri Lloyd


Henri Lloyd offers a range of sailing gloves for summer and winter that are sure to match your needs based on performance and conditions. Their summer gloves come in short finger and 3-finger versions, with features like Kevlar reinforcement and quick-drying synthetic leather for maximum durability and performance. Henri Lloyd's winter sailing gloves feature excellent grip and thermal materials to keep your hands warm and able to grip in the coldest conditions.

Henri Lloyd Stealth MAXGRIP Sailing Gloves
Henri-Lloyd's Stealth MAXGRIP Sailing Gloves provide superior grip, protection and durability with increased articulation for maximum performance. Henri-Lloyd combines their MAXGRIP™ technology with stretchy synthetic mesh on the backhand and quick-drying synthetic leather to produce this high performance sailing glove. The MAXGRIP fabric technology has a rubberized high grip texture and is 3 times stronger than leather, highly flexible and has inherent water and stain resistant properties. This sailing glove features high strength Kevlar® thread throughout for maximum durability, as well as a neoprene wrist closure to ensure a comfortable fit.

Henri Lloyd Stealth Pro Sailing Gloves
Henri-Lloyd's Stealth Pro sailing gloves provide excellent protection and durability with increased articulation. Double layer Amara synthetic leather provides extra strength and protection against rope burn, while synthetic mesh on the back of the hand and fingers allows the gloves to stretch for comfort. Kevlar threads used throughout the sailing glove provide critical reinforcement and improve durability, while the elastic wrist closure secures the glove comfortably.

Henri Lloyd Cobra Grip Sailing Gloves
The Cobra sailing glove from Henri Lloyd features their MAXGRIP technology in the palm, together with quick drying and stretchy materials for excellent comfort and performance. The neoprene wrist closure ensures proper fit, while Kevlar threads throughout greatly increase the durability of this flexible performance sailing glove. Wear the Cobra sailing gloves with the rest of Henri Lloyd's Cobra gear for a complete performance dinghy sailing outfit.

Henri Lloyd Stealth Winter Sailing Gloves
Henri-Lloyd's Stealth winter sailing gloves provide excellent thermal insulation without sacrificing grip or performance. Their MAXGRIP technology provides superior grip, protection and durability, with increased articulation for maximum performance. Henri-Lloyd combines this technology with 3mm neoprene construction to provide the necessary thermal and water resistant properties of a high=performance winter sailing glove. The MAXGRIP™ fabric technology has a rubberized high grip texture and is 3 times stronger than leather, highly flexible and has inherent water and stain resistant properties, combined with Kevlar for improved durability. The double neoprene cuff system with secure wrist fastening allows easy integration between the sailing glove and a waterproof top or wet suit.

Henri Lloyd Octane Windstopper Sailing Gloves
Henri Lloyd's aims to provide maximum comfort and warmth with the Octane Windstopper winter sailing gloves. Features such as stretch faucets, elastic wrist cuffs, adjustable shockcord, and binding at the hem provide an excellent form fit and wrist closures. The silicone print on the palm provides grip, while the GORE-TEX® Windstopper soft shell fabric provides excellent thermal insulation. Clip these winter sailing gloves to your jacket with the non-corrosive clip to make sure they are never out of reach.

Henri Lloyd Cobra Winter Sailing Gloves
These winter sailing gloves feature the same performance and styling as the Cobra Grip summer gloves, combined with neoprene fabric for excellent thermal insulation. Easily integrate these gloves into a waterproof top or wetsuit to ensure complete protection against the elements. Henri Lloyd's MAXGRIP technology in the palms combined with Kevlar reinforcement ensures excellent grip and durability for cold-weather performance sailing. Combine these gloves with Henri Lloyd's Cobra drysuit for a full winter-sailing dinghy outfit.