Harken Traveler 22 mm Small Boat


22 mm Small Boat CB
Harken 22 mm Small Boat CB Traveler cars fit dinghies, keelboats, beachcats, and offshore boats to 27 ft (8 m). The one-piece solid aluminum construction is lightweight and strong. Ball bearings run on machined aluminum hardcoat-anodized races for smooth trimming and easing. Stainless steel wire guides keep balls captive when the car is off the track.

Harken 22 mm Small Boat Traveler low-load cars with a 227 kg (500 lb) maximum working load use Delrin® balls. Small Boat cars with high maximum working loads use high-strength Torlon® ball bearings. Loop cars matched with Carbo T2™ blocks attached with hightech line provide the ultimate lightweight, low-profile system. Use the Loop car with 29 or 40 mm Carbo T2 AirBlocks with 22 mm Traveler cars (not included).

Blocks attach directly to the toggle for a low-profile, compact system. Pivoting shackle and toggle cars have low pivot points to handle nonvertical loads. Harken 22 mm Small Boat Traveler system comes with several styles of track, end controls and track accessories. All made to accompany and improve the performance of your traveler system.

Harken Travelers are tailored for end-boom and mid-boom configurations and used with high-beam track when raising the traveler out of the cockpit. Available in seven size ranges to fit any boat from the smallest dinghy or beach cat to the largest megayacht.

Race once with the Harken 22 mm Windward Sheeting Traveler Car and you’ll never race without one again. Pull the car above the centerline without releasing the leeward control line. The tack and car stay in the same position, ready to be pulled to the new windward side. Great when used with a 2:1, 3:1, or 4:1 purchase system.
Cars are one-piece solid aluminum construction with captive balls. Mount track in the cockpit or near deck level. Fits dinghies to large offshore boats. Captive balls make cars easy to load and maintain. Wire guides circulate bearings smoothly.
Harken 22 mm Small Boat High-Performance End Controls allow the installation of 2:1 to 4:1 purchases. Designed for high-performance, free-running systems, Carbo control blocks with Delrin® ball bearings let cars instantly adjust and release under load. Assemblies secure to track, eliminating additional holes. Tough one-piece bases and cam arms are machined from a single piece of aluminum. Compact, low-friction block components combined with Carbo-Cam® cleats keep weight minimal. 

Harken 22 mm Small Boat ESP End Controls are value-oriented options for the installation of 2:1 to 5:1 systems. Designed for strength and durability, controls feature axle bearing sheaves with sideload ball bearings.
Harken 22 mm Small Boat Traveler and Genoa Lead Accessories - The 384 traveler block features high-load composite bearings to handle wire and high-strength line. Use with the 382 radial Traveler car and other Small Boat cars to configure a radial vang. Do not use as mainsheet traveler.

Harken 22 mm Small Boat Stand-Up Toggles hold blocks upright on travelers. Stand-up toggles with control tangs allow attachment of control blocks.
Harken 22 mm Small Boat Track Accessories are made to improve the performance of your traveler or genoa lead systems. Endstops, trim caps, and splice links are available specifically for the 22 mm Small Boat track and cars.

Harken 22 mm Small Boat Endstops/Trim Caps - When end controls are not used, add endstops to absorb shock loads. When end control assemblies are used, trim caps finish track ends. Sold in pairs. Fasteners not included.

Harken 22 mm Small Boat Splice Links - Splice links join track and keep it aligned during installation.