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Harken New 2015 Products



Now in Double Versions Harken has updated its patent-pending T2 Block line with double versions of the 18, 29, 40, and 57 mm sizes, giving sailors the ability to build an even greater array of systems. T2 Doubles share the same styling and all-composite construction as other blocks in the line. The 29, 40, and 57 have no rivets, fasteners, metal parts, or shackles, making them some of the lightest blocks on the market. grfdagfdkjlfdj;lkgfda

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harken crossbow self tacking jib systemCROSSBOW SELF-TACKING JIB SYSTEM 

Pivoting Track Technology for Sport Boats

The pivoting track technology Harken developed for Grand Prix yachts now comes in a smaller package: the new Crossbow Self-Tacking Jib System fits high-performance dinghies, skiffs, and catamarans under six meters (20 ft). With a hinged curved track that aligns to the load, this system reduces friction and increases load capacity for an ultra-lightweight design.

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harken carbo pivoting new ead block and cam cleatAll NEW CARBO PIVOTING LEAD BLOCKS

Up to 25% Lighter than Classic

Racers can trim even more weight off their mast and boom with new Harken Carbo Pivoting Lead Blocks. These high-strength, glass-reinforced composite blocks are up to 25% lighter than the Classic versions they replace. With maximum working loads up to 136 kg (300 lb), they're perfect for sheets and halyards on small boats and control lines on larger boats.

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harken fast release cam cleat and fairlead mauri pro sailing store

Guide Eliminates Recleats

The 494 and 495 Fast Release Fairleads feature low-friction, angled stainless steel line guides on the exit side of the cleat. The angled lead keeps the line away from the cam to eliminate unexpected recleats during maneuvers. Use for fast spinnaker take-downs during mark roundings. 

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harken traveler car with pivoting cam cleat armHIGH LOAD 22MM TRAVELER CAR WITH PIVOTING CAM ARM

Machined from solid aluminum, these compact cars feature Torlon® ball bearings to handle high loads. The cam arm pivots to accept fair leads and features a 471 Micro Carbo-Cam for fast, precise trimming. Perfect for small, high-speed beachcats.

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New are 27 and 32 mm end controls for self-tacking jibs on Midrange and Big Boats. Controls feature an integrated dead end on one side. The wide sheave provides a fair lead without chafe and minimal friction.

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harken high load rings fairlead rings lead rings inhaulerHARKEN LEAD RINGS 

Harken Lead Rings route line for jib in-haulers, twings, barberhaulers, lazy jacks, cascading backstays, and other applications requiring minimum adjustment.

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Harken has added two larger sizes to its line of Integral Hydraulic Backstay Adjusters. These additions to the other two sizes have expanded the range to accommodate boats with wires from 5.5 to 9.5 mm (7/32 to 3/8 in)—approximately 9-18 m (30-60 ft). In an industry first, the cylinder features an integrated double-acting pump that delivers oil when the handle is pushed and pulled, reducing pumping time by nearly doubling the flow of single-acting pumps standard on other integrals.

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currency magicCurrency:
HARB10HOT - Harken Carbo One Touch Winch Handle
Original Price: $112.50
Price: $90.00
HAR2159 - Harken 40mm Carbo T2 Auto Ratchet
Code: HAR2159
Original Price: $65.00
Price: $57.20
HAR2160 - Harken 57mm Carbo T2 Auto Ratchet
Code: HAR2160
Original Price: $78.00
Price: $68.64
HAR2161 - Harken 18mm Carbo T2 Narrow Head
Code: HAR2161
Original Price: $19.60
Price: $17.25
HAR2163 - Harken 40mm Carbo Cheek w/Becket
Code: HAR2163
Original Price: $36.90
Price: $32.47
HAR2762 - Harken 57mm Carbo 5 Sheave (Replaced HC7668)
Code: HAR2762
Original Price: $195.55
Price: $172.08
HAR6107 - Harken 40mm ESP Teardrop Mastcollar
Code: HAR6107
Original Price: $60.00
Price: $52.80
HAR2758950MM20 - Harken Crossbow Jib System 950MM X 20MM
Code: HAR2758950MM20
Original Price: $705.00
Price: $620.40
HAR3076 - Harken 32mm BB CB 3000 Outhaul Car
Code: HAR3076
Original Price: $735.10
Price: $646.89
HAR3096 - Harken 32mm BB CB 4500 Outhaul Car
Code: HAR3096
Original Price: $1,257.55
Price: $1,106.64
HAR3881 - Harken Sys A CB HL Batt Car w/ 12mm Stud
Code: HAR3881
Original Price: $240.00
Price: $211.20
HAR3882 - Harken Sys A Long CB HL Batt Car w/ 12mm Stud
Code: HAR3882
Original Price: $295.00
Price: $259.60
HAR3883 - Harken Sys A CB HL Reef Car 6mm Pin
Code: HAR3883
Original Price: $280.00
Price: $246.40
HARG326SHL - Harken 32MM BB HL Slider Genoa Car w/Pinstop
Code: HARG326SHL
Original Price: $1,556.60
Price: $1,369.81
HARIN1642 - Harken MR Access Rail Adjust Pinstop
Code: HARIN1642
Original Price: $222.88
Price: $199.00
HARR321M - Low-Beam/Pinstop Holes
Code: HARR321M
Price: $116.45
HAR2760 - Harken 57MM SB DEL Sheave
Code: HAR2760
Original Price: $15.00
Price: $13.20
HAR3274 - Harken 12MM Single Bolt Down Fairlead
Code: HAR3274
Original Price: $29.00
Price: $25.52
HAR3275 - Harken 12MM Double Bolt Down Fairlead
Code: HAR3275
Original Price: $46.00
Price: $40.48
HAR3276 - Harken 12MM Triple Bolt Down Fairlead
Code: HAR3276
Original Price: $77.00
Price: $67.76
HAR3277 - Harken 16MM Single Bolt Down Fairlead
Code: HAR3277
Original Price: $31.00
Price: $27.28
HAR3278 - Harken 16MM Double Bolt Down Fairlead
Code: HAR3278
Original Price: $52.00
Price: $45.76
HAR3279 - Harken 16MM Triple Bolt Down Fairlead
Code: HAR3279
Original Price: $89.00
Price: $78.32
HAR3280 - Harken Small Jib Sheet Fairlead
Code: HAR3280
Original Price: $36.00
Price: $31.68
HAR3281 - Harken Large Jib Sheet Fairlead
Code: HAR3281
Original Price: $56.45
Price: $49.68
HAR7406 - Harken MKIV Electric Furl Thru Deck Fitting
Code: HAR7406
Original Price: $275.00
Price: $242.00
HARDSDBK1 - Harken Digital System Switch AFT Black-Dual-Icon Version1(1-2)
Original Price: $220.00
Price: $193.60
HARDSDBK2 - Harken Digital System Switch AFT Black-Dual-Icon Version2(rh-lh)
Original Price: $220.00
Price: $193.60
HARDSDBK3 - Harken Digital System Switch AFT Black-Dual-Icon Version3(up-down)
Original Price: $220.00
Price: $193.60

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