Harken Mainsail Handling


Use Harken Furling Outhaul System Cars with in-mast or behind-themast furlers on boats up to 45 ft (13.5 m). Sheave carriers pivot side-to-side to accommodate changing lead angles. Systems have 2:1 purchase and ride on cars with Torlon® ball bearings. A dead-end outhaul shackle is included. Cars have axle-bearing sheaves.
Clew Block.
This strong, lightweight block uses the 75 mm ESP sheave. Plates angle so attachment straps fit shape of clew. Use with 595 and 1648 outhaul cars.

Harken Lazy Jack Kits let you shorten the mainsail in three easy steps: ease the halyard to a predetermined mark, tension the reef line, and trim the sail. Sails with reef points do not need modifying. Lazy Jacks contain mainsails while reefing and dousing. They work extremely well with full-batten mains, but can also be used with conventional sails.

A Harken Battcar System along with full-length battens helps raise, douse, and reef with ease and acts as extra crew if you’re sailing shorthanded. Battcar systems outperform in-mast or in-boom furling, cost less, and you don’t need to recut your sail.

Cars and Track Built to Last
Made of one-piece, high-grade aluminum, cars and track are strong, lightweight, and will last for years. They are deep-saturation hardcoat-anodized with a black additive to resist the corrosive effects of salt, sun, and long-term wear.

Slider cars—a Cost Effective Way to Tame Your Main
Low-friction plastic slider insert lets you raise and lower sails without battling bolt ropes or slugs that stick in mast groove.

CB Captive Ball Cars—The Ultimate in Low Friction
Torlon® ball bearings circulate smoothly for fast sail hoists, douses, and reefs. Captive bearings allow cars to easily roll off the track for cleaning and maintenance. Batten toggle moves freely in all directions to prevent the sail from binding when reefing under load.

Mix CB and Slider Battcars
CB and Slider Battcar systems use the same track. Mix Slider cars with CB cars to get the perfect system for your boat and budget.