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Gill Sailing Footwear: Performance gear for optimal grip and comfort through a range of conditions.

Gill Sailing Footwear

Gill Deck Shoes
Gill trainers feature their exclusive full-contact, non-slip performance outsole for exceptional grip and traction even in wet conditions. For a more traditional look Gill has a premium hand-stitched moccasin deck shoe.

Gill Hiking Boots
Gill Hiking and Trapeze footwear is designed with specific purposes in mind. Hiking boots offer high levels of traction and strong stability. They have ample protection on the top of the foot to reduce wear due to chafing from hiking straps. Trapeze boots offer more flexibility for better feel. The lightweight Gill Skiff Boot has an internal split toe design for maximum traction and swift movement around the boat. The thin sole design allows you to 'feel' the boat and assures that as much of your foot is in contact with the boat at any one time. Gill also has a performance water shoe with low cut design.

Gill Yachting Boots
Gill waterproof breathable yachting boots with Event® membrane liner offer peak performance for the most extreme offshore conditions. Excellent levels of grip, comfort and protection make these a high performance boot. Gill tall yachting and short cruising boots are both made of 100% natural rubber compound and offer high levels of support and comfort. Non-slip razor cut soles made them ideal for deck use.

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Deck Shoes
Hiking Boots
Yaching Boots

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