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Continuous line Code Zero & Gennaker Furler (FX & FXT) are made Facnor FX Gennaker Code Zero Furlerof two main components, one flat continuous line drum and one swivel. The new Facnor Gennaker furlers eliminate the issue of overrides of the furling line (no overlapping round the drum). The low profile design of the drum allows a maximum luff and the large diameter gives more furling power. It is half weight of a standard Gennaker furler. The new opening guide makes the Fx furler easier to use. Facnor offers a wide range of gennaker furlers suitable from 6.50 up to the mega-yachts. Facnor, as originator of Gennaker continuous line furlers, has the longest experience in this type of products. These have been tested during ocean races in rough weather conditions, for instance onboard of 100 Groupama III.

Thanks to a clever innovation, the continuous furling line can be quickly removed without any complication. This special feature offers the advantage that the furling line can remain on the deck for further use. There is no need to remove the stanchion blocks. Just remove the furler and the furled sail.

The widely installed FX range enables Gennaker and Code 0 sails to be hoisted easily, quickly and safely. Removable furling line and quick fastenings give an even greater ease of use. The neat design gives lightness to the high resistance mechanisms: the FX furlers let you benefit from the race developed technology for a more comfortable cruising.

Large Gennakers, Code Zeros, and Staysails are easy to handle using Facnor Gennaker and Code Zero furlers. Facnor's furling system offers many benefits for setting or taking down a sail. Facnor furlers are equipped with snap shackles for faster hook-ups for setting, which is also convenient for quickly clearing the foredeck. Code Zeros are very large sails and can be difficult to handle because they are usually set when close reaching, causing the sail to beat against the mast and rigging until full. Hoisting the sail in the furled position offers complete control until the sail is unrolled.This is advantageous in both heavy and light air. Either racing or cruising, the gennaker furler is the perfect complement to the Jib furler.

A staysail can be fitted also on a FX furler : in this configuration, Facnor recommends to install a 2-to-1 block (halyard better tighteh and less tension in the mast).

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