Facnor ASYM-FX Spinnaker Furler


FACNOR FX Gennaker Furlers

The Facnor Asym-FX allows to furl in the asymmetric Spinnakers from the cockpit by pulling the bottom furling line. The Facnor anti-twist rope rotates up to the top end. The central line connecting the sail luff and the torque rope by the middle starts furling in. Unlike the Gennaker (Code Zero), the torque rope is not captive from the luff tape. The drum continuous furling line prevents from overriding and can be left fitted on deck or easily removed. Therefore, the furled sail is quickly ready to be used. This Facnor Asym-FX system is very user friendly with its maintenance free bearings and easy to attach furling lines. The drum on this furling unit has no risk for the line to override. Once the sail is furled, there is no tension that is put on the rig.

Facnor has developed an option to be able to adjust the tack of the asymmetric Spinnaker fitted with a 2:1 Asym-Fx Friction Block. The Asym-FX Friction Block by Facnor allows the enlargement of the belly of the sail and to forward the sail further downwind. The function of the Facnor Asym-FX Friction block is to give you the 2:1 purchase tackline you need to increase tension on the torsion line and prevent any future twists when using your Facnor Asym-FX Furler.

Luff ropes finished with lightweight Facnor Asym-FX thimbles fit the exact inside dimension of the jaw on the furler for a clean finish at the tack and head. The thimble by Facnor and luff rope quickly transfer the furling action from the drum to the luff for tight and even furling.

Facnor has designed a solution to handle your sail comfortably from the cockpit by just pulling the continuous furling line. This operation will make the drum and then the Facnor anti-twist luff rope rotate. The luff rope by Facnor transmits the rotation to the central furling rope. This will make the luff of the asymmetric Spinnaker furl from the center preventing twists that may come from use of the furler.