Marine Electronics & Navigation Tools


Whether you seek a simple sailing compass or a full system of navigation tools, or anything in between , we at Mauri Pro have a solution that will fit your needs. We have navigation products ranging from tell-tales and wind vanes to electronic compasses to full heading, speed, depth, and wind displays. With top manufacturers such as Tacktick, Nexus, NKE, Plastimo, and more, we have navigation tools that will work for any sailor.

Sailing Instruments
Sailing Instruments come in a range of styles and functionality, in analog and digital variations. For a stand-alone solution, The NovaSail NS360 and Velocitek Prostart are both powerful electronic tools. These instruments feature compass heading, boat speed, and various other tools for optimizing your race performance. For a fuller set of navigation data consider electronic navigation systems from Nexus, NKE, or Tacktick. You can get a ready-to-use navigation pack featuring hull speed, depth, wind speed/direction, heading, and more, or you can build your own system to suit your needs.

Sailing Compasses
If you need a simple yet elegant compass for your cruising or racing boat, look no further than Plastimo. Their range of magnetic navigation compasses include mounting options for anywhere on the boat, from small boats up to large sailing yachts. The electronic Tacktick Micro Compass is the standard on many dinghies and small keelboats on racecourses around the world. For an advanced racing compass consider the Novasail NS360, Velocitek Prostart, or Tacktick Race Master.

Sensors and Transducers
We carry a range of sensors and transducers specifically designed for sailing navigation. Hull transducers measure depth, speed and water temperature. Wind instruments measure wind speed and direction. Electronic compasses can be connected to the navigation system for accurate heading information. Mast rotation sensors can be integrated to compensate for the effects of mast rotation on wind direction and heading while sailing. A range of other sensors can give specific sailing information such as heel/pitch angle, rudder angle, canting keel angle, and more. There are wired and fully wireless options for integrating navigation systems with electronic displays.

With powerful instrument systems supplying a wealth of sailing and navigation data, you need a quality display to reliably and seamlessly interpret and broadcast this information in the blink of an eye. With digital and analog options, you can display navigation data and compass heading as simply or completely as you need. Digital displays feature large, visible numbers and can be configured to show any type of sailing data from your instrument system or compass. Analog displays give you information in a simple, elegant format, so you only need to glance to get information. Remote displays add yet another capability, so you can get navigation data and compass heading from anywhere on the boat.

In addition to the sensors, instruments, and displays, we supply a full range of accessories for your sailing navigation tools. Brackets can be used to mount navigation displays and compasses to the mast, deck, or bulkheads, depending on the most convenient location for your sailboat. Various components can be added on to your navigation systems such as servers, transmitters, and units for integration with NMEA or with GPS, Radar, PC, etc. Or, for a low tech but essential approach, you can pick up some tell-tales or traditional masthead wind vanes.