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Sailboat Compasses



Whether you are cruising or racing, accurate compass data is essential on any sailboat. At Mauri Pro we have a range of compasses for all types of sailing. With manufacturers such as Davis, Garmin, NovaSail, Plastimo, Tacktick, and Velocitek, we are sure to have a compass that fits your particular sailing needs. We also carry a full range of compass accessories that will fit a sailboat of any size. From brackets and mounts to back-lights to compensation magnets, we have what you need to get the most out of your sailboat compass.With a pedestal mounted compass, you can have a clear view of your heading straight from the helm of your sailboat. Bulkhead, deck, and mast mountings allow the compass to be placed so the whole crew can relay heading to the skipper or tactician. Analog compasses provide a classic, easy to use solution, while electric compasses can provide all of the sailing data you need to cruise efficiently, sail fast, and win races. With a reliable compass on board when you are sailing, you will never have to second guess your heading.

Handheld Compasses
With handheld compasses from Davis and Plastimo you can be sure to get accurate bearings whenever you are sailing. The Hand Bearing Compass from Davis instruments is easy to read and simple to use, with a large dial and ergonomic handle. The Iris 50 compass range from Plastimo presents the same functionality in a rugged package, able to handle even the roughest sailing conditions. From taking bearings on a cruising sailboat, to setting a fair course for a sailing race, a handheld compass is essential for a serious sailor.

Cruising Compasses
On a cruising sailboat, a blend of form and functionality is key. Plastimo's full range of cruising compasses are simple, elegant, and, most importantly, accurate. With options to mount your compass on a pedestal, deck, or bulkhead, you can be sure that whenever you are sailing, you have a clear line of sight to your heading. If you constantly need a full suite of data at your fingertips, the Garmin Quatix wristwatch may be the answer. Featuring an electronic compass, GPS information, autopilot remote control, and integration with existing sailboat systems, the Quantix may just be your ultimate sailing compass.

Racing Compasses
When you're on a racing sailboat, constant compass data is essential for making snap, tactical decisions. For a simple, low-tech solution, the tactical compass range from Plastimo. These compasses feature large, easy to read numbers divided into sections, so your tactician only needs to memorize one figure for all legs of a standard Olympic racecourse. Raymarine's Tacktick Micro Compass is one of the most popular electronic options for smaller sailboats. Featuring solar power, starting timer, and large easy to read numbers, the Micro Compass gets you the compass data you need on the racecourse. For a complete range of tactical data, look no further than the Velocitek Prostart or the NovaSail NS360. These advanced sailing compasses feature GPS Speed, heading, start timer, and distance to line, so you will have all the information you need to win any race.

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