Carbon Spinnaker Poles

Carbon Spinnaker Poles

Carbon fiber spinnaker poles are the ultimate lightweight solution. Whether you are a racer looking for the fastest, cleanest boathandling, or a cruiser seeking a low stress, easy to use option, a carbon spinnaker pole will provide the strength you need for your kite. With weight savings usually starting around 40% compared to aluminum spinnaker poles, and almost 50% stiffer, carbon poles provide a noticeable difference in handling and performance. At Mauri Pro we carry carbon fiber spinnaker poles from Forespar, Forte, and Selden. Poles can be cut to custom length, so you can be sure to get the perfect spinnaker pole for your boat.

Forespar Carbon Spinnaker Poles

Forespar have mastered the art of manufacturing carbon fiber spinnaker poles for offshore yachts as well as recreational sailors and racers. Forespar built their first carbon mast in 1979, and they have many years of experience building carbon poles. All Forespar poles are manufactured in the U.S.A. and assembled in their California plant by professional riggers. Standard sizing is 2"-6" diameter, with poles available in straight or tapered configurations. Smaller diameter poles can be made with center point D-ring attachments in place of bridles. Larger diameter poles come standard with double tapered ends for maximum strength and minimal weight. Forespar poles are produced from pressure cured intermediate modulus carbon fiber, and high performance epoxy resin systems.

Forte Carbon Spinnaker Poles

Smaller Forte spinnaker poles, size FCT100 – FCT300 (1” ID to 3” ID), come standard with a center point pick: D rings lashed to the center of the pole eliminating the hassle of bridles. Forte specifically reenforces these poles to withstand the extra bending force at the center. For spinnaker poles sizes FCT300 – FCT400 (typical boat size 37’ and larger) poles can be built straight or with a single taper. These poles are usually used as dip-gybe poles, and come with a standard topping lift attachment at the outboard end fitting. Forte also manufacture larger custom carbon fiber spinnaker poles for boats 55’ and up. All of their carbon spinnaker poles come standard with a black epoxy finish showing the carbon weave pattern. This is a grippy surface, which is great for pole handling. The epoxy finish will chalk and fade in the sunlight if it’s stored on deck without a cover. While this is more of a cosmetic problem than a structural one, a coating can be applied to protect the pole from UV.

Selden Carbon Spinnaker Poles

Selden have developed their own computer controlled manufacturing method for carbon spinnaker poles in which prepreg (pre-impregnated) tows are wound onto a mandrel (cylinder) prior to oven curing. This method enables them to exercise full control over every stage of the manufacturing process and guarantee products of consistently high quality. One of the big advantages of the Selden production method is that they can reinforce the spinnaker pole in the areas with greatest stress and wear. Selden makes poles for small boats and larger vessels up to 30 tonnes. The larger poles are tapered to optimize weight/strength requirements, and facilitate handling.