Bronze Winches


Bronze Sailboat Winches complement the looks of classic yachts and can give newer yachts a classic look. These modern bronze winches from Antal, Harken and Lewmar have the same modern internals as aluminum and chrome winches with a classic bronze drum. Standard winches will require you to tail the loose end to keep tension on your turns while operating the winch. Self tailing winches frees up the hand from the loose end of the rope and facilitating better handling of the winch and winch handle. Gain strength with the classy look with Bronze Winches from the top names in winches.

About Antal Bronze Winches
By Request, All Antal winches can be ordered in a bronze finish.

About Harken Classic Bronze Winches
Harken Classic Self Tailing Bronze Winches enhance your yacht’s classic look, while providing the low-friction pulling power of Harken’s gearing systems. They come in 1, 2, Harken Bronze Winchand 3 speeds, with wide or standard drums, and in both plain-top and self-tailing configurations. Marine-grade, polished-bronze materials maximize durability and corrosion resistance. Bronze self-tailing jaws accept a wide range of line sizes. Single-speed, plain-top winches use Delrin® bearing sleeves. 2- and 3-speed winches feature 17-4PH stainless steel roller bearings for strength and durability. Harken Bronze Self Tailing Winches are available in sizes 16 through 70.

Harken Bronze three-speed self-tailing winches are ideal sheet winches on larger boats. Coupled with Harken's® large drum diameters, three-speed self-tailing winches offer very high line speeds for racing or fast cruising, even in heavy conditions. Self-tailing allows one crew member to handle the entire trimming task-perfect for cruising or racing boats.

First gear is selected by depressing the nameplate ring next to the winch handle socket. The winch then auto-shifts from first to second to third on successive crank direction of rotation changes. Use first gear for fast sheet trimming in light to moderate air.

All large three-speed winches offer drums supported by ball bearings, two gears driving the drum, 17-4 PH stainless shaft pins, and roller bearings on all gears.

About Lewmar Ocean Standard Bronze Winches
Lewmar has created a winch range that incorporates many exciting features, all brought together with a blend of traditional skills and high technology, which are reflected in the outstanding quality of Lewmar's bronze standard winches. Besides the technical innovation and high performance criteria involved, there's also the aesthetic appearance and finish to consider. The range shown here achieves just that with sizes ranging from 6 to 16, one or two speed gearing and two finishes. All of which is supported by a comprehensive range of winch spares. 

About Lewmar Self Tailing Bronze Winches
The Lewmar self-tailing design, this winch is simple to use and provides a firm grip on the line. Lewmar self tailing bronze winches are available in sizes ranging 16 to 65. Adapts to a wide range of line diameters automatically. BBST Models include a bronze crown assembly.

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