Antal Electric Winches



All Antal winches, from model XT40 to model XT70, maxi W80.3 ST and W90.3ST can be fitted with an electric motor.
The models with a chromed drum are usually fitted with motors, as they are more suitable for heavy-duty applications but, on request, the aluminium drum can be “reinforced” by applying a special toothed crown gear of high resistance alloy or 316 s.steel.


All the winches may be equipped with a horizontal motor and gearbox with a worm screw. The largest models may be supplied with a vertical motor which uses a high-efficiency hypocycloid speed reducer. Both solutions have been studied to ensure particularly compact dimensions and maximum silent operation. MANUAL USE Simply insert the handle to disconnect the gearbox-motor unit. Greater safety: accidental starting of the motor does not affect the winch, avoiding dangerous turning of the handle. Greater efficiency: the gearbox-motor unit does not turn in manual use, avoiding needless friction. SPEED Electric winches maintain two speeds both in manual use (inverting the direction of rotation of the handle) and in electric use (pressing one of the two control buttons).