Aluminum Spinnaker Poles


Aluminum's light weight and durability make it an ideal material for spinnaker tubing. For a sturdy hold and a little flex, an aluminum spinnaker pole is the right choice for your boat. Forespar and Selden offer aluminum spinnaker poles for a wide range of boats, depending on the pole length and the required end fittings.For most boats, spinnaker pole length corresponds to the boat's J measurement (The straight line distance from the mast at deck level to the forestay). Smaller diameter poles mostly use end fittings with standard jaws for easy attachment to the sail and mast when gybing end-for-end. Larger diameter poles usually feature end fittings optimized for dip-pole gybes. Make sure to regularly rinse spinnaker pole fittings with fresh water to prevent salt and grit buildup, which could hinder the performance of the spring loaded plunger.

Forespar Aluminum Spinnaker Poles

Forespar offers a complete and diversified range of aluminum spinnaker poles. Their small boat spinnaker pole kits come in 1" or 1 1/4" diameters. The kit is supplied with one end fitting loose so you can cut the pole to desired length and then fasten the fitting with supplied epoxy. Their larger spinnaker poles can be ordered with a range of end fittings, so you can be sure to get the size and style pole you need. The standard aluminum poles are supplied with two jaw ends for end for end gybing, and the larger poles are set up for dip poly gybes. All Forespar spinnaker poles are supplied jaws up unless otherwise specified. The length shown for each pole is the maximum recommended length for the given spinnaker pole diameter.

Selden Aluminum Spinnaker Poles
Seldén aluminium spinnaker poles are a lightweight, durable solution for safe and easy spinnaker handling. The end fittings have well rounded edges to keep from snagging on the sail or equipment, making gybes and spinnaker maneuvers seamless and easy. The extruded aluminum tubing features pole savers to protect the pole from damage against the forestay and shrouds. Composite end fittings are available for poles with 48mm - 96mm diameters. These fittings are optimized for end-for-end gybing but can be used for dip-pole gybes and vertical mast storage as well. Their traditional aluminium fittings for dip gybing are available for the 72mm to 111mm pole sizes. All aluminium fittings and composite fittings for 72mm to 111mm poles are available with a trip trigger function. The crew can open the end fitting with a control line, and the sheet locks it automatically, making life easier for the bowman and foredeck crew.

Selden uses lightweight composite fittings with a stainless, spring loaded plunger for fast and easy spinnaker handling. These fittings can be used for end to end gybes, dip pole gybes, and pole storage. Spinnaker poles with Selden's composite fittings come with low-stretch Dyneema cored bridles for topping lift and downhaul. You can secure the bridles in place without taking the fittings off the tube, allowing you to easily change or adjust the bridles as needed.