Zhik Hiking Boots & ZKG ShoesZhik


Select from Zhik's range of sailing boots that feature great grip and support for hiking and trapeze sailors or try the amphibious sneaker style ZKG® shoe that has amazing grip & flexibility for any sport on the water.
ZHKSHOE20 - Zhik ZKG Shoe
    Code: ZHKSHOE20
    Original Price: $89.00
    Price: $75.65
    (You Save: $13.35)
    ZHKSHOE30 - Zhik Boat Shoe
    Code: ZHKSHOE30
    Original Price: $99.00
    Price: $84.15
    (You Save: $14.85)
    ZHKBOOT800 - Zhik ZK Seaboot
    Code: ZHKBOOT800
    Original Price: $259.00
    Price: $220.15
    (You Save: $38.85)
    ZHKBOOT150 - Zhik Ankle Soft Sole Boot
    Code: ZHKBOOT150
    Price: $59.00
    ZHKBOOT260 - Zhik Soft Sole Boot
    Code: ZHKBOOT260
    Price: $99.00
    ZHKBOOT360 - Zhik Grip II Hiking Boot
    Code: ZHKBOOT360
    Price: $139.00
    ZHKBOOT460 - Zhik Racing Boot (New)
    Code: ZHKBOOT460
    Original Price: $99.00
    Price: $84.15
    (You Save: $14.85)
    ZHKBOOT60 - Zhik Barefoot Boot
    Code: ZHKBOOT60
    Price: $49.00
    ZHKSOCK1000 - Zhik SuperWarm Sock
    Code: ZHKSOCK1000
    Price: $49.00

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