Yale Maxibraid Plus (Poly cover/UHMWPE Core)


Maxibraid Plus / UHMPE Core Polyester Sleeve Double Braid Rope
Maxibraid Plus is a double braided rope constructed of an inner load bearing core of Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (often abbreviated as UHMPE). The polyester outer sleeve is slightly thicker than Ultrex Plus, which would provide more abrasion resistance in high wear applications. The UHMPE core is coated with Yale's Maxijacket coating prior to being overbraided for added toughness Yale has developed a special splice for this line which incorporates a tucked core yet covered as a conventional double braid. The advantage to this splice is no movement of the eye in service and a greatly shortened internal tail making the rope more flexible and less prone to being damaged adjacent to the eye. Made with Honeywell Spectra Fiber.