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Wind meters are an essential tool for kiteboards and a useful tool for sailors and windsurfers. Mauri Pro offers wind meters from Ronstan and Davis allow kiteboarders to easily and accurately determine the current wind speed.

Kiteboarders need to know the wind speed to decide which kite from their quiver to use in order to have a safe and exciting day of kiting. Using a wind meter is the easiest and most accurate way to determine wind strength.

About Davis Wind Meters

Davis Instruments develops exceptional instruments for weather, marine and automotive use. All Davis Instruments wind meters are backed by solid engineering and innovative fleet management tools. Davis Instruments prides itself on offering innovative, high-quality products for wind and water sport enthusiasts.

The Davis Turbo Meter Electronic Wind Speed Indicator uncommon accuracy and sensitivity all in a pocket-size for convenience. The turbine is suspended on sapphire jewel bearings to ensure accuracy and sensitivity. A Large Scale Integrated (LSI) circuit electronically processes the signal for reliability and a smaller size. Kiteboarders can switch between four scales- knots, feet per minute, meters per second and miles per hour.

The compact size makes the Davis Turbo Meter Electronic Wind Speed Indicator the perfect wind meter to pack into your kiteboard kit for kiting in all conditions. The Davis Turbo wind meter measures speeds from 0- 99.9 mph.

The Davis Wind Wizard Mechanical Wind Speed Indicator features three different scales- miles per hour, meters per second and Beaufort. The dial is supported on sapphire jewel bearings for accuracy and sensitivity. A rare earth magnetic dampening system is also utilized for steadying the wind meter dial.

The Davis Wind Wizard wind meter does not require batteries and measures speeds from 0-60 mph.

About Ronstan Wind Meters

Ronstan is home to state-of-the-art design facilities working to create the highest quality hardware. The challenge of producing top-end, innovative hardware to satisfy the extreme demands of racing conditions has led to many of the technical breakthroughs that have put Ronstan on top. Ronstan approaches business the way they approach sailing – with heartfelt passion and a serious competitive streak.

The Vaavud Wind Meter is inspired by professional anemometers with a slight tweak in design- featuring two cups instead of three. The reduction in cups makes this wind meter pocket-size and perfect for the kiteboarder on the go. The Vaavud wind meter is durable and easy to clean.

The Vaavud wind meter feautres an app to give users a clear overview of average, actual and maximum wind speed. The Vaavud app also features the first real time graph in the world on a hand-held anemometer. Kiteboarders can switch between five scales- meters per second, miles per hour, kilometers per hour, knots and Beaufort.

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