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Wichard New Products - Overview

Wichard FRX Friction Rings

Reliability, light weight and versatility
Wichard FRX rings are ideal for applications where lines are under heavy semistatic loads, as well as to de ect lines throughout the boat. Rigged with soft attachment, the FRX ensures light weight and e ective angle defection for multiple applications onboard. Featuring no moving parts, their reliability is a must.


  • 5 sizes available
  • Aluminum, hard anodized coating for greater lifespan
  • Great resistance to weight ratio
  • Multiple applications (Barberhauler, lazy-jack, fairlead ...)
  • Soft attachment
Possible Applications:

Wichard MXL Soft Attach Snatch Block

Optimal weight to working load ratio
Wichard MXL soft block are ideal for applications where lines are under heavy semi-static loads. Featuring a higher working load than standard blocks of the same size, the MXL helps improving performance onboard. Used as a snatch block, it can be easily installed and removed in a few seconds. It is also a great product to keep as a spare for any emergency situation.


  • 3 sizes available
  • Hard anodized aluminum
  • Soft attachment, with 2 different attachments positioning
  • No moving parts
  • Multiple applications (Barber hauler, lazy-jack, fairlead ...)
Possible Applications: