Long John Style Wetsuits 

Wetsuits - Overview

Designed Specifically for Sailing, these wetsuits allow a full unrestriced range of arm motion while keeping the core of the body warm. They can be layered with Neoprene wetsuit tops or Dinghy smocks to allow the sailor to adjust their level of warmth on the water.

About Gill Wetsuits

Gill's designing process starts with a group of sailors at all levels, right up to Olympic medallists and Volvo Ocean Race winners, getting together and going through their kit bags.

Gill then design a range to their exact specifications and when they have prototypes, Gill ask them to test the products. Gill's sailing gear extensive in-house and independent lab testing programm then adds an additional level of assurance that the products will do the job. Visit Gill Wetsuits

About Zhik Wetsuits

The Zhik research has the aim to develop and improve their gear for the performance of the sailors that choose their technical clothing. Gear used by sailors of Zhik products are used and backed by sailors in the America's Cup and Youth AC. The variety of gear provided provide protection and comfort for the full spectrum of sailing conditions. Whatever the environment, these technical products will help your performance to adapt to the condition. Visit Zhik Wetsuits.

About Neil Pryde Wetsuits

For more than 40 years the Pryde Group have been at the apex of performance Action Sports equipment design, manufacture and distribution. With market leading brands such as NeilPryde Windsurfing, Cabrinha Kitesurfing, JP Australia and more recently Neil Pryde Bikes the Pryde Group have stood for technology, innovation and performance. Out of this passion for success comes NeilPryde Sailing, a brand driven by the Pryde Group’s core philosophy - that excellence is not optional and that “Winning is Everything”.

MATRIX- Unique to NEILPRYDE, the MATRIX is a revolutionary neoprene core containing micro AirDome cells significantly improving Heat insulation and reduction in weight.
FIREWIRE-Same incredible Matrix neoprene Air Dome core for exceptional insulation and lightness but with the enhanced benefit of FIREWIRE lining. FIREWIRE is the warmest inner liner available, hollow mirco fi bre technology ensures total insulation.
S5- Simply the best neoprene available. Limestone based neoprene from Yamamoto Corporation, Japan. This smooth closed cell neoprene has a unique coating that makes it 95% water impermeable compared to 70% for standard neoprene. As a result, it sheds off more water, quicker. S5 also provides maximum wind chill protection with a 23% higher closed cell ratio than the standard neoprene. Visit Neil Pryde



GIL4610 - Gill Long John Hiking Suit
Code: GIL4610
Price: $159.00
NEPWUKSAB605 - Neil Pryde Elite Firewire 1mm Wetsuit
Price: $200.00
NEPWUKSAB600 - Neil Pryde Elite Firewire 3mm Wetsuit
Price: $290.00
NEPWUKSAB604 - Neil Pryde Elite Firewire 3mm Wetsuit - Junior
Price: $200.00
NEPWUKSAB602 - Neil Pryde Elite Firewire 3mm Wetsuit - Women
Price: $290.00
NEPWUKSAB935 - Neil Pryde Elite Raceskin 2.5mm Long John Wetsuit
Price: $200.00
NEPWUKSAB940 - Neil Pryde Elite Raceskin 2.5mm Long John Wetsuit - Women
Price: $220.00
RSGCL27 - Ronstan  Skiff Suit 3 2mm   Sleeveless
Code: RSGCL27
Price: $149.95
SEAHP014 - SEA 3 4 Convertible Wetsuit w  Adjustable Braces (Batten set included)
Code: SEAHP014
Original Price: $216.00
Price: $172.80
SEAHP015 - SEA 5mm Convertible Wetsuit (Batten set included)
Code: SEAHP015
Original Price: $299.00
Price: $239.20
SEAHP011 - SEA Men's Convertible Wetsuit (Batten set included)
Code: SEAHP011
Original Price: $268.70
Price: $215.00
SEAHP012 - SEA Women's Convertible Wetsuit (Batten set included)
Code: SEAHP012
Original Price: $268.70
Price: $215.00
SLAD171001S00B - SLAM Skiff Long Johns
Code: SLAD171001S00B
Price: $160.00
CLMZHKWET501SKIFFK - Zhik Wetsuit MicroFleece Kids Skiff (Unisex)
Original Price: $209.00
Price: $187.50
ZHKWET501SPRINGW - Zhik Wetsuit MicroFleece Short Spring (Women)
Price: $169.00
CLMZHKWET501SKIFFM - Zhik Wetsuit MicroFleece Skiff (Men)
Original Price: $269.00
Price: $240.00
CLMZHKWET501SKIFFW - Zhik Wetsuit MicroFleece Skiff (Women)
Original Price: $269.00
Price: $240.00
ZHKWET501SPRING - Zhik Wetsuit MicroFleece Spring (Men)
Price: $189.00
ZHKWET50134 - Zhik Wetsuit MicroFleece Three Quarters (Unisex)
Code: ZHKWET50134
Price: $235.00
ZHKWET50134K - Zhik Wetsuit MicroFleece Spring Kids (Unisex)
Code: ZHKWET50134K
Price: $195.00
ZHKWET1000SKIFFK - Zhik Wetsuit SuperWarm Kids Skiff (Unisex)
Price: $259.00
ZHKWET1000SKIFFM - Zhik Wetsuit SuperWarm Skiff (Men)
Price: $329.00
ZHKWET1000SKIFFW - Zhik Wetsuit SuperWarm Skiff (Women)
Price: $329.00
ZHKSKIFF60 - Zhik ZhikSkin Hybrid Skiff (Unisex)
Price: $179.00
GIL4610J - Gill Junior Long John Hiking Wetsuit
Code: GIL4610J
Price: $129.00

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