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Naish Custom LE Surf Board

The Naish Custom LE boards are state-of-the-art surf shapes targeted for high performance, strapless riders. The range features a high tail kick, deep single concave bottom and thinned out rails for true surf performance. Naish’s exclusive Armor Frame Technology provides outstanding shock resistance and durability.

Naish Fish Surf Board

The Naish Fish board is ideal for riders wanting an easy-to-ride, early planing board for fun in light-to-moderate winds. It features a newly designed wide/short shape and swallowtail for maximum flotation, extreme stability and upwind performance.

Naish Global Surf Board

The Naish Global board is designed for riders who demand total confidence for powerful strapped or strapless riding in any surf condition. The Global range is loose and snappy. Thanks to its thruster design, it delivers the best combination of speed, control and drive regardless of wave size.

Naish Skater Surf Board

The Naish Skater Board is designed for kiters who want to ride strapless in small, medium and choppy wave conditions. It also features a new full deck pad and the option of riding strapped. Its compact shape delivers ease and control for early planing, snappy turns and strapless airs.

NAI14WKBFS - Naish 2014 Custom LE (Strapless)
    Code: NAI14WKBFS
    Original Price: $899.00
    Price: $674.00
    NAI14WKBFS56 - Naish 2014 Fish
      Code: NAI14WKBFS56
      Original Price: $1,099.00
      Price: $824.00
      NAI14WKBGL - Naish 2014 Global
        Code: NAI14WKBGL
        Original Price: $1,099.00
        Price: $824.00
        NAI14WKBSK - Naish 2014 Skater (Strapless)
          Code: NAI14WKBSK
          Original Price: $899.00
          Price: $674.00

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