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Spinlock T-Series Organiser Accessories

T- Series organisers guide multiple lines from the mast to banks of clutches or jammers. Proven fibre-reinforced construction and stainless steel "Wear" strip prevents local rope damage. Replace old sheaves with new ones to maintain efficiency and prevent abrasion on the ropes.

SPIT38A - Spinlock 38mm Alloy Replacement Sheave
Code: SPIT38A
Original Price: $30.69
Price: $25.30
(You Save: $5.39)
SPIT38C - Spinlock 38mm Composite Replacement Sheave
Code: SPIT38C
Original Price: $12.18
Price: $10.10
(You Save: $2.08)
SPIT50A - Spinlock 50 mm Alloy Replacement Sheave
Code: SPIT50A
Original Price: $34.07
Price: $28.10
(You Save: $5.97)
SPIT50C - Spinlock 50 mm Composite Replacement Sheave
Code: SPIT50C
Original Price: $14.63
Price: $12.10
(You Save: $2.53)

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