SLAM Sailing Technical Shirts

SLAM Bonifay and Clermont Technical Tops are made from a material that helps regulates heart rate, decreases, lactic acid formation and enhances sport performance.

The SLAM Zip Grinder is a Breathable, UV Protectant Shirt that is made from Meryl fabric. The Meryl ensures that bacteria doesn't develop and sensitive skin isn't affected. To improve breathability, two enviroments are artificially created with different hygrometic conditions and vapour is forced through the fabric, after wich vapour penetration is measured, with the result expressed in grams of water vapour per sq meters of fabric in 24 hours. For added UVA Ray Protection, meryl microfibre acts as a barrier, filtering the sun's rays wich are harmful to the skin and affording protection four times greater than that offered by polyester and twice that of cotton. These ergonomically stitched garments have a special cut and structure to facilitate body movement.