SLAM Skiff Suits and Pants

SLAM Hiking Gear

Skiff Pants and Shorts

SLAM's Skiff pants and shorts have been designed by skiff sailors to make sure you have the durability and performance you need every time you put them on.

Skiff 3/4 Hiking Pants

Skiff 3/4 Hiking Pants focus on making the wearer feel comfortable while working. The pants give back support by helping you in the right posture while hiking. Has a lumber support system, and adjustable shoulder straps and power pad system to help position and feel. Added knee protection to guard against injury.

Skiff Junior Skiff Pants

The Junior Coldy Skiff Pants give kids protection while in the outdoors. With an adjustable waistband, flexible material with a soft feel, and anti-chaffing mauser tape on the seat to make the child as comfortable as possible. The seat and front of legs has added durability and a thermos brush to keep the child from injury and the cold.

Skiff Shorts

Skiff Shorts are made with the benefits of a wetsuit but still allowing you to change between the top layers to fit the weather around you. The shorts are cut for a professional athlete body and made to compete. That’s why SLAM made sure the shorts can flex in any activity and still be comfortable with a self-locking stitch. Has a silky smooth jersey feel on the inside and outside. Also can be combined with knee pads to protect against any kind of collision.