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Product Description

Selden Code X furlers are operated with an endless furling line running over a line driver. A narrow line guide fitting leads the line on to the line driver and gives a good grip. A wedge shaped line stripper separates the line when unfurling, allowing the line driver to spin freely. The furling line is usually led all the way back to the cockpit. To help handling the endless control line, Selden has a new custom Tandem-block. This is a fiddle block with two cam cleats. As an alternative, a shorter furling line can be operated by the foredeck crew.

Part Numbers: 545-100-10, 545-200-10, 545-400-10

SEL54501010 - Selden CX-10 Code 0 Furler
Code: SEL54501010
Original Price: $780.00
Price: $663.00
(You Save: $117.00)
SEL54510010 - Selden Code X 15 Furling Unit
Code: SEL54510010
Price: $1,156.00
SEL54520010 - Selden Code X 25 Furling Unit
Code: SEL54520010
Price: $1,428.00
SEL54540010 - Selden Code X 40 Furling Unit
Code: SEL54540010
Price: $2,796.50

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