Selden Rodkicker Boom Vangs
Type 10


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Selden Rodkicker Boom Vangs Type 10

A Seldén Rodkicker facilitates sail handling when reefing, preventing the boom from dropping into the cockpit or onto the coach roof. When fitted with a Seldén gas spring, it lifts the boom when the kicking strap is released. Excellent for trimming the main in light air. The Seldén Rodkicker also doubles the purchase of your kicking strap.

The extended block attachment lug allows the block to turn, enabling the tackle to be operated from either port or starboard. The Rodkicker is supplied with detailed instructions and is easily fitted.

If a Rodkicker is retrofitted to an existing rig, the original kicking strap tackle can still be used.

Seldén Rodkickers are made of anodised aluminium and are carefully tested to meet stringent quality and performance standards.

Boat Weight Fractional Boat Weight Masthead Weight Length Compressed Pin size Jaw width at Boom Jaw width at Mast
5 metric tons
(11000 lb)
6 metric tons
(13200 lb)
2.7 kg
(6 lbs)
(4 ft 5 1/2 in)
(3/8 in)
(1/2 in)
(7/8 in)