Schaefer Twin Sheet Leads: 1 1/4 T-Track


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Schaefer's 1 1/4 in T-Track Twin Sheet Lead Blocks allow for twin sheets through it's wide flared sheave permitting easy sail changes. The Cage and Slide body are computer machined resulting in incredible strength and precision. Each Block provides a low profile articulating sheave for a proper lead from the sail through the block and into your cockpit. Sheaves are hardcoat anodized aluminum running on Schaefer's low friction Nomex™/Teflon™ Bearing.

Schaefer has combined their twin lead design with slides using a unique liner made of "slick" polyethylene. These liners provide a low friction, easy solution to mounting on your existing T-Tracks. They glide virtually without detectable friction, yet handle up to 3500 lbs. (1590kg) of tension or compression load, without deformation. Schaefer's Adjustable Lead Control system offers a low profile 4:1 purchase system. This system mounts over your existing Genoa 1-1/4" T-Track. Allows for easy and safe adjustments of Genoa Leads from the safety and comfort of the cockpit.