Schaefer Halyard RestrainersSchaefer

Compatible with all systems, Schaefer's pre-feeder is helpful if you intend to change sails often. Aligns your luff tape before it enters the stainless steel feeder.

Avoid halyard wrap on your sailboat with the addition of a Schaefer halyard restrainer. The likelihood of the halyard becoming entangled or "wrapped" around the furler extrusion is a function of the angle of the lead out of the masthead sheave in relation to the upper swivel unit.

SCH3280 - Schaefer Halyard Restrainer Block 1 7/16 in (36mm) OD
Code: SCH3280
Original Price: $128.55
Price: $102.80
SCH7630 - Schaefer SS Genoa Pre-Feeder # 5 - # 8 Luff Tape 5/32 - 1/4 in (4mm-7mm)
Code: SCH7630
Original Price: $48.10
Price: $38.48
SCH7874 - Schaefer Halyard Restrainer/ Small
Code: SCH7874
Original Price: $19.45
Price: $15.56
SCH7875 - Schaefer Halyard Restrainer/ 5/8 in (16mm) Line/Wire
Code: SCH7875
Original Price: $33.10
Price: $26.48

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