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Schaefer Stainless Steel & Aluminum Footblocks
Schaefer foot blocks are Computer Machined to provide the strength needed in such high-stress applications. Choose from either elegant Stainless or Anodized Aluminum Top Plates. Schaefer's Universal Circuit Sheave Package provides a durable and smooth delivery to the cockpit. Schaefer's unique "Strip from the Top" design allows for complete disassembly without removal of the deck mounted base plate. Countersunk fasteners and a unique anti-rotation sheave pin keyed into the underside of the top plate provides a smooth surface to eliminate chafe and fouled lines. Put your best foot forward with Schaefer's handsome, low profile design which combines a clean look with Schaefer's Legendary Strength.

Schaefer M100 Series Foot Blocks
M100 Schaefer series is ideal for boats up to go 80' (24 m). Machined aluminum construction enables a safe working load of up to 7500 lb (3410 kg). Superior performance is achieved with the use of Torlon™ rollers, Delrin™ ball bearings and Schaefer engineering. M100's are available in 5 configurations to suit your needs.

Schaefer M82 Series Foot Blocks
The M82 Schaefer Series is ideal for use on boats in the 45'-60' range. Continuing the ideas created for Schaefer's M66 series, the M82 has the same features including computer machining. Torlon™ Rollers, Delrin™ Ball Bearings, Hardcoat anodized finish and a smooth, sculpted shape for a light, strong and eye-catching sailboat block.

Schaefer M66 Series Foot Blocks
M66 range from Schaeferis ideal for use boats in the 35'-45' range. Computer machining, Torlon™ Rollers, Delrin™ Ball Bearing and Schaefer engineering combine for an incredible strength to weight ratio. Available in eight different configurations for a variety of applications.

SCH3715 - Schaefer Foot Block 2 3/8 in (60mm) OD Single Block SS
Code: SCH3715
Original Price: $496.30
Price: $365.00
SCH3745 - Schaefer Foot Block 3 1/4 in (83mm) OD Single Block SS
Code: SCH3745
Original Price: $697.60
Price: $513.00
SCH3746 - Schaefer Foot Block 3 1/4 in (83mm) OD Double Block SS
Code: SCH3746
Original Price: $1,130.10
Price: $832.00
SCH3753 - Schaefer Foot Block 4 in (102mm) OD Single Block Aluminum
Code: SCH3753
Original Price: $898.30
Price: $661.00
SCH3754 - Schaefer Foot Block 4 in (102mm) OD Double Block Aluminum
Code: SCH3754
Original Price: $1,465.45
Price: $1,079.00
SCHM10010 - Schaefer M Series Single Foot Block 4 in (100 mm) Dia. Sheave
Code: SCHM10010
Original Price: $536.00
Price: $395.00
SCHM6610 - Schaefer M Series Single Foot Block 2.6 in (66 mm) Dia. Sheave
Code: SCHM6610
Original Price: $218.00
Price: $160.45
SCHM8210 - Schaefer M Series Single Foot Block 3.2 in (82 mm) Dia. Sheave
Code: SCHM8210
Original Price: $374.00
Price: $275.26

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