Schaefer Cheek Blocks

Schaefer Curved Base Cheek Blocks
The Unique Ball Bearing curved base plate fits up to 2" (51mm) dia. spar section for easy mounting. Excellent for control line leads on dinghys and small daysailors.The Schaefer Curved Base Cheek Block with Delrin tm) Ball Bearings. Safe Working Load 500 lbs. Perfect for small boat control line leads.

Schaefer Flat Base Cheek Blocks
Flat, stainless base plate distributes loads to a larger surface area than other designs that place loads on mounting bolts only. Use on spars and deck to lead sheets, halyards, reefing gear, and any sailboat control requiring a strong, smooth lead. Aluminum Cheek Block with Aluminum Sheave. Safe Working Load 2250 lbs.