Samson Ropes Amsteel Spectron 12

Samson Ropes

SAMSON ROPES Amsteel Spectron 12 - Overview

Samson Sailboat Ropes Amsteel Spectron 12 from Mauri Pro SailingSamson Ropes Amsteel Spectron 12

12-strand single braid construction of HMPE fiber that has our Parallay plying process. Grey Samthne Type S urethne coating is applied to enhance firmness and wear life while allowing ease of splicing.

  • Equivalent strength stretch properties of wire
  • Extremely light
  • Highly abrasion resistant
  • Class 2 12-Strand splice
  • Easily spliced (much like 12-Strand hollow braid ski rope)
  • Floats-will not absorb water
  • Extremely low stretch
  • Outlasts wire rope
  • Non-rotational
  • Excellent wear characteristics
  • Flexible
  • Resists flex-fatigue and abrasion