SUP Racing Boards


About Racing Paddleboards:

Racing Paddlebards represent the fastest and most high tech paddleboards. They are long and slender and feature advanced technology and strong lightweight materials such as carbon fiber.

About JP Race Paddleboards:

For 2014, JP developed a new concept for displacement speed machines. Alongside the four new dedicated race shapes, they have four shapes of slightly wider race siblings – the SPORTSTERs. The SPORTSTERs can be either no-compromise full-on race boards for the bigger guys or relaxed touring shapes for the lighter SUPers. 
In both, the RACE and the SPORTSTER group JP decided to create flat water and all water versions for the 12’6’’ and the 14’0” class. The RACE and SPORTSTERs feature the same respective dedicated waterlines but differ in width. The SPORTSTERs come in affordable Wood Sandwich technology as well as in full Carbon wrap technology while the RACE shapes come exclusively in the no-compromise full Carbon wrap technology. 

About Naish Racing Paddleboards:

The new Glide 14’0” is designed with an ultra fast rocker line and bottom shape, and added stability for touring, long distance exploring and all-around fitness. It also features a recessed deck in the stance area to lower the rider’s center of effort for increased stability and paddling power.

The Glide 12’6” GS is the ideal choice for riders who enjoy downwind ocean runs, recreational racing and fitness training.  Compared to longer race-oriented boards, the 12’6” is incredibly fast and easier to maneuver and carry.  It features a penetrating V nose and a flat rocker for phenomenal gliding performance. It has ample thickness and width for stability and early planing on the open ocean.

The Glide Touring 12’0″ GS is a great all-around board for a wide range of riders who enjoy  adventure or exploration paddling.  It is designed with a slightly wider outline and a winger tail, giving novice paddlers a large sweet spot for stability. It features a displacement bow that cuts through the water and provides smooth gliding. It also has a pronounced double-concave bottom in the nose that flows to a slight V in the tail for unparalleled directional stability.
The Naish Javelin Paddleboards are performance flatwater boards for acceleration, speed and competitive racing.

The Javelin 12’6” GX is designed for performance flatwater racing in the 12’6” class. It features a drop nose shape, rounded rails, slim outline and a race rocker line for phenomenal acceleration and speed.  It also has an exaggerated recessed deck to lower the rider’s center of effort to increase stability.

The Javelin 14’0″ GX is designed for performance flatwater racing in the 14’0” class. It features a low displacement bow shape and soft, rounded rails for limitless board glide. The sleek hull shape creates an extremely efficient water line, while the recessed deck lowers the rider’s center of effort to increase stability.