SUP Pumps


About SUP Pumps

These pumps will get your inflatable Paddleboard pumped up to the proper pressure and ready to go.

About Red Paddle Pumps

The Ezee Pump – This is supplied as standard and  is a single action, high volume pump. You can use this pump to reach 20psi. It just takes a little more effort than the HP version. For the ultimate in high pressure and high volume we recommend the customer purchases an Ezee Pump HP as well to use after putting the high volume in with the Ezee pump.

The designers at Red Paddle worked with Bravo the world’s leading pump manufacturer to produce the High Pressure (HP) version of thier Ezee Pump. Almost anybody can pump one of their boards to 20 psi with the HP pump. The HP pump comes complete with a pressure gauge that is clearly marked so you can check your progress anytime. The HP pump comes with boards from 9’2” -10’6”

About Naish SUP Pumps

Naish Makes a manual and an electric SUP Pump. The electric pump works with a standard 12 volt car or golf cart battery. You can also purchase a purpose made 12 volt battery.