SUP Epoxy Boards 


Epoxy Paddleboards are made with a variety of construction technologies using fiberglass, composite materials and wood.

About JP Epoxy Paddleboards

In 2013 JP SUP built a strong team of SUP surfers with Keahi De Aboitiz, Geoff Breen and Jackson Close and together with great input from Kauli Seadi and Jason Polakow, were really able to push the development of the SURF line to the extremes for 2014. The level that those guys are at is demanding for smaller and more radical shapes and therefore for 2014 they developed three new sizes; 8’2”x28”, 8’0”x27” and even 7’4”x27”.

About Imagine Expoxy Paddleboards

All epoxy boards from Imagine Surf are built at Cobra, one of the industries most respected and leading board builder. The 2014 Rocket is built using their Custom Intec construction. Each board is cut on a precision CNC machine following the exact dimensions of Dave Kalama’s design. The epoxy boards are then hand glassed and vacuum bagged using a carefully considered combination of glass layers and epoxy resin to provide a stiff, light AND durable board. They have added additional glass on the rails and wood in the standing area to provide strength and impact resistance. The 2014 Epoxy Boards are a high end construction designed to help you win races and withstand many miles of use and abuse training for these races dishes out.

About Mistral Epoxy Paddleboards

Mistral uses proven surfboard construction techniques in their stand up paddleboards. The construction is built in a mold which has the advantage that all boards are identical. Three layers of fiberglass cloth are wrapped around the styrofoam core in an epoxy resin matrix to form an inner sandwich wall in combination with strong and durable 1.0 mm original wood including an extra layer of wood on the deck. The core materials are then ‘sandwiched‘ into the board during the molding process. The unique properties of wood are its natural rigidity, superior resistance to compression and higher energy absorption compared to other materials.

JPPJ4C02YG00M308XT - JP Paddle Young Gun Windsurf SUP Soft Deck CF  8'10" x 30"
Code: JPPJ4C02YG00M308XT
Price: $1,149.00
JPPJ4C14WSS0M32TX9 - JP Paddle Windsurf SUP Daggerboard WS  10'9" x 32"
Code: JPPJ4C14WSS0M32TX9
Price: $1,699.00
JPPJ4D02SUR0M - JP Paddle Surf PRO
Price: $2,099.00
Price: $1,749.00
JPPJ4D10SURWM - JP Paddle Surf Wide Body PRO
Price: $2,199.00
JPPJ4D12SURWM - JP Paddle Surf Wide Body WS GLOSS
Price: $1,749.00
JPPJ4D18FUS0M - JP Paddle Fusion WS GLOSS
Price: $1,749.00
JPPJ4D20FUS0M - JP Paddle Fusion WS
Price: $1,499.00
JPPJ4D22FUS0M - JP Paddle Fusion AST
Price: $1,098.51
JPPJ4D24FUS0M32TX2 - JP Paddle Fusion SOFT DECK  10'2" x 32"
Code: JPPJ4D24FUS0M32TX2
Price: $1,099.00
JPPJ4D28ALL0 - JP Paddle Allround WS GLOSS
Code: JPPJ4D28ALL0
Price: $1,749.00
JPPJ4D30ALL0 - JP Paddle Allround WS
Code: JPPJ4D30ALL0
Price: $1,499.00
JPPJ4D32ALL0 - JP Paddle Allround AST
Code: JPPJ4D32ALL0
Price: $1,149.00
JPPJ4D38VEN - JP Paddle Venus WS GLOSS
Price: $1,749.00
JPPJ4D42WB0 - JP Paddle Wide Body WS GLOSS
Code: JPPJ4D42WB0
Price: $1,749.00
JPPJ4D44WB0 - JP Paddle Wide Body WS
Code: JPPJ4D44WB0
Price: $1,499.00
JPPJ4D46WB0 - JP Paddle Wide Body AST
Code: JPPJ4D46WB0
Price: $1,149.00
JPPJ4D48WB0 - JP Paddle Wide Body Soft Deck
Code: JPPJ4D48WB0
Price: $1,049.00
JPPJ4D54CRU0M30UX4 - JP Paddle Cruiser WS  11'4" x 30"
Code: JPPJ4D54CRU0M30UX4
Price: $1,749.00
IMGI2COV1029STD140 - Imagine Connector Epoxy Paddleboard
Code: IMGI2COV1029STD140
Price: $2,099.99
IMGI2ROV2000STD140 - Imagine Rocket Kalama Epoxy Paddleboard
Code: IMGI2ROV2000STD140
Price: $1,999.99
IMGI2MSV2000STD126 - Imagine Mission Epoxy Paddleboard
Code: IMGI2MSV2000STD126
Price: $1,609.99
IMGI2CRV3000STD120 - Imagine Crossover Epoxy Paddleboard
Code: IMGI2CRV3000STD120
Price: $1,499.99
IMGI2REV1000STD110 - Imagine Recruit Kalama Epoxy Paddleboard
Code: IMGI2REV1000STD110
Price: $1,489.99
IMGI2FLV1000STD990 - Imagine Fluid Kalama Epoxy Paddleboard
Code: IMGI2FLV1000STD990
Price: $1,749.99
IMGI2SNV1000STD906 - Imagine Snap Kalama Epoxy Paddleboard
Code: IMGI2SNV1000STD906
Price: $1,749.99
NAI14SUP2H085GT - Naish 2014 Hokua GT/GS Paddleboard
Code: NAI14SUP2H085GT
Price: $1,999.00
NAI14SUP1H076LE - Naish 2014 Hokua LE Paddleboard
Code: NAI14SUP1H076LE
Price: $1,899.00
NAI14SUP2N0106GS - Naish 2014 Nalu GT/GS Paddleboard
Code: NAI14SUP2N0106GS
Price: $1,499.00
NAI14SUP2M0810GS - Naish 2014 Mana GS/GT Paddleboard
Code: NAI14SUP2M0810GS
Price: $1,499.00
NAI14SUP1M100ST - Naish 11' Mana Soft Top Paddleboard
Code: NAI14SUP1M100ST
Price: $1,199.00
NAI14SUP2A0810GS - Naish 2014 AlanaGS Paddleboard
Code: NAI14SUP2A0810GS
Price: $1,529.00
NAI14SUP2GT120GS - Naish 2014 Glide Touring GS Paddleboard
Code: NAI14SUP2GT120GS
Price: $1,679.00
NAI14SUP2J126GX - Naish 2014 Javelin GX Paddleboard
Code: NAI14SUP2J126GX
Price: $2,899.00
MIS114500100 - Mistral Red Dot
Code: MIS114500100
Price: $999.00
MIS112010080 - Mistral Wave: Take Off 8'0" x 28.5"
Code: MIS112010080
Price: $1,829.00
MIS112010086 - Mistral Wave: Diamond Head
Code: MIS112010086
Price: $1,659.00
MIS111010126 - Mistral Ventura
Code: MIS111010126
Price: $2,099.00
MIS111020140 - Mistral M2 Flatwater Race 14' x 24.4" Full Carbon
Code: MIS111020140
Price: $3,299.00
MIS111021140 - Mistral M2 Flatwater Race 14' x 24.4" Hollow Carbon
Code: MIS111021140
Price: $6,879.00
MIS113010098 - Mistral Maliu
Code: MIS113010098
Price: $1,699.00
MIS111030140 - Mistral M1 Open Ocean Racer 14'-" x 26.5"
Code: MIS111030140
Price: $2,199.00
ATXSCOUT - SUP ATX Scout 10'6 Tri-Fin Paddleboard
Price: $885.00
ATXJOURNEY - SUP ATX Journey 11'6" Paddleboard
    Price: $1,085.00
    ATXADVENTURE - SUP ATX Adventure 11'6" Paddleboard
    Price: $1,035.00
    ATXADVXL - SUP ATX Adventure XL 12'  Paddleboard
    Code: ATXADVXL
    Price: $1,135.00
    ATXFITYOGA - SUP ATX Fitness Yoga 10'6" Paddleboard
      Code: ATXFITYOGA
      Price: $1,085.00
      ATXFITONBOARD - SUP ATX Fitness On Board 12'6" Paddleboard
      Price: $1,285.00
      ATXADVPREM - SUP ATX Adventure Premium Paddleboard
      Code: ATXADVPREM
      Price: $1,185.00
      ATXPIONEER - SUP ATX Pioneer Paddleboard
        Code: ATXPIONEER
        Price: $1,085.00
        ATXKIDSCHAR - SUP ATX Kid's Charger 9'6" Paddleboard
          Code: ATXKIDSCHAR
          Price: $885.00
          ATXKIDSROCK - SUP ATX Kid's Rocket Paddleboard
          Code: ATXKIDSROCK
          Price: $735.00
          ATXNAVIGATOR - SUP ATX Navigator Paddleboard
          Code: ATXNAVIGATOR
          Price: $1,185.00
          ATXMANTRA12 - SUP ATX Mantra 12'6" Paddleboard
          Code: ATXMANTRA12
          Price: $1,485.00

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