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Ronstan Swivel Cleat Bases


RONSTAN V Cleat - Overview

Ronstan V-Cleats
are a simple solution to cleating lines under moderate loads.
• Lightweight and corrosion proof.
• Greater abrasion resistance than traditional plastic cleats.
• Low, snag free profile.
• Base profile suits mounting on flat and curved surfaces.
• PTFE impregnated, glass and carbon fibre composite cleats.

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RONRF20175 - Ronstan Series 20 BB Block, Pivoting Lead, Cleat
Code: RONRF20175
Original Price: $71.95
Price: $55.04
RONRF2358 - Ronstan Fairlead Stainless Lined, ID16mm Black
Code: RONRF2358
Original Price: $15.40
Price: $11.78
RONRF4 - Ronstan Swivel Base, To Suit Orbit Blocks
Code: RONRF4
Original Price: $35.00
Price: $26.78
RONRF5 - Ronstan Swivel 180 Swivel Base & Cleat
Code: RONRF5
Original Price: $64.95
Price: $49.69
RONRF58 - Ronstan Swivel Fairlead, Cleat, 3-12mm Rope
Code: RONRF58
Original Price: $77.95
Price: $59.63
RONRF59 - Ronstan Fairlead Stainless Lined, ID14mm Black
Code: RONRF59
Original Price: $7.45
Price: $5.70
RONRF60 - Ronstan Swivel Dead Eye, Cleat, 3-12mm Rope
Code: RONRF60
Original Price: $169.95
Price: $130.01
RONRF67 - Ronstan Swivel Fairlead, Cleat, 2-8mm Rope
Code: RONRF67
Original Price: $66.95
Price: $51.22
RONRF7 - Ronstan Swivelling Mainsheet Cam Unit
Code: RONRF7
Original Price: $139.95
Price: $107.06
RONRF7KIT - Ronstan Retrofit Kit for RF7 Conversion To Suit Orbit Blocks
Original Price: $29.90
Price: $22.88
RONRF8 - Ronstan Swivelling Mainsheet Cam Unit, 3-12mm Rope
Code: RONRF8
Original Price: $244.10
Price: $186.74

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