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Ronstan Series 25 T-Tracks


RONSTAN Series 25 T-Track - Overview

Ronstan Series 25 T-Tracks have 25 mm (63/64") stop hole spacing for even more precise control of the car position and sheeting angle. This low profile sailboat track design is lightweight and made from an anodised aluminum alloy track. The Ronstan T-Tracks Series 25 have 5 mm (3/16") countersunk fasteners at 100 mm (3 15/16") centres.

Code: RONRC725105A
Price: $41.20
Code: RONRC725110A
Price: $67.95
Code: RONRC725115
Price: $49.95
Code: RONRC725120
Price: $69.95
Code: RONRC725130
Price: $98.90
Code: RONRC725160
Price: $159.60
Code: RONRC7250INS
Price: $2.10

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