Ronstan Series 20 BB Orbit BlocksRonstan

RONSTAN Orbit Blocks - Ball Bearing Size 20 - Overview

Ronstan Ball Bearing Orbit Blocks™ Series 20 boast the highest strength-to-weight ratio available. Less friction provides you with ultimate performance. This is achieved through all-composite reinforced polymer materials and a Dyneema® rope link head. Their precision design allows the optimum number of ball bearings in loaded areas and eliminates them in inactive areas. Ineffective mass is reduced even further through fibre-reinforced composites in the block head, cleat arms and beckets. The incredible Series 20 Orbit Block is capable of laods up to 250kg (550lb) while weighing a mere 9 grams. It's so light that it needs to be lashed down!

  • Ultra lightweight.
  • Highest working load in its class.
  • Simple and secure attachment. The Dyneema® Link is easily fitted and is retained securely by a moulded retainer clip.
  • Low profile and compact.
  • Fiddle block flexibility.
  • High performance cleating
  • Used for sheets and control lines on dinghies, sports boats and

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    RONRF25109 - Ronstan Series 20 BB Orbit Block, Single, Lashing, Becket
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