Ronstan Series 19 I-Track End ControlsRonstan

RONSTAN Tracks Series 19 - Overview

Ronstan Series 19 I-Beam Tracks End Controls are customizable on the 19 Series I-Track. Place an impact resistant, U.V. stabalised nylon endcap to keep traveler cars from falling off the sailboat track. Adjust the position of the end cap with a Ronstan Series 19 I-beam adjustable stop. Gain control of your traveler car positioning on the fly and under load with the Ronstan Series 19 End Controls and Control end Cleat to increase purchase for adjustments on your ball bearing car.

Mainsheet and self-tacking jib travellers on dinghies and catamarans.
Mainsheet systems on boats to 9 m (28 ft).

RONRC00422 - Ronstan Series 19 I-Beam Control End, Cleat Addition Kit
Code: RONRC00422
Original Price: $39.95
Price: $34.00
(You Save: $5.95)
RONRC61980 - Ronstan Series 19 I-Beam End Cap, Plastic
Code: RONRC61980
Original Price: $3.95
Price: $3.36
(You Save: $0.59)
RONRC61983 - Ronstan Series 19 I-Beam Adjustable Stop
Code: RONRC61983
Original Price: $46.95
Price: $39.90
(You Save: $7.05)
RONRC61985 - Ronstan Series 19 I-Beam Control End, Single Sheave, Becket
Code: RONRC61985
Original Price: $64.95
Price: $55.20
(You Save: $9.75)
RONRC7250INS - Ronstan Series 25 T-Track, Nylon Insulating Track Insert
Code: RONRC7250INS
Original Price: $1.95
Price: $1.66
(You Save: $0.29)
RONRF1297 - Ronstan S/S Track Bolt 6 in. x 3/16 in.
Code: RONRF1297
Original Price: $25.95
Price: $22.10
(You Save: $3.85)

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