Ronstan Roller Ball Bearing Sheaves


RONSTAN Roller Ball Bearing Sheaves - Overview

Ronstan's range of Acetal sheaves is moulded from a specially modified ultra-violet resistant grade of material to provide a long service life in the tough marine environment. Acetal is well suited to the application, with characteristics of high strength and resistance to impact and wear. It also exhibits excellent low friction properties for bearing applications. These Roller Ball Bearing Sheaves from Ronstan are manufactured to operate with low friction under load.

Code: RONRF61000
List Price: $ 48.95
Price: $ 41.61
Code: RONRF68000
List Price: $ 170.53
Price: $ 144.95
Code: RONRF68000W
List Price: $ 189.36
Price: $ 160.95
Code: RONRF78000
List Price: $ 235.24
Price: $ 199.95
Code: RONRF78000W
List Price: $ 376.42
Price: $ 319.95

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