Ronstan Constrictor Rope Clutches


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RONSTAN Line Constrictor- Overview

Unlike all conventional clutches the Ronstan Constrictor® system does not crush the rope between two metal surfaces. Instead, the loaded rope is held securely in a textile sock, itself attached to an anchor base. The rope runs freely through the sock in one direction, but is gripped instantly within the sock when running out in the opposite direction. This constrictor effect, patented by COUSIN Trestec, provides increasing holding power as the load increases.

FEATURES of the Ronstan Constrictor Rope Clutch -

Stronger : The standard Constrictor® range from Ronstan provides 2x the holding power of conventional rope clutches, and custom solutions are available with holding power up to the break load of the rope!

Lighter : At least 3x lighter than conventional rope clutches.

No Abrasion or Rupture : The unique textile sock closes like an octopus on the line, providing effective load distribution and outstanding grip; a result of fibre-to-fibre contact that is far less aggressive than traditional metal cams.

Safely Release Under Load : The line can quickly and easily be released under load without the need of a winch, simply by pulling the control lanyard. This can be an important safety consideration in situations where immediate release is required.

Remote Release System : The Dyneema® control lanyard can be extended to provide remote release, making it ideal for applications such as mast-head mounted halyard to eliminate mast compression loads and halyard creep.

Constrictor ANATOMY -

Textile Sock :

  • Braid Orientation: COUSIN Trestec's experience and expertise in rope manufacture has guided development of the critical braiding angle to maximise grip and minimise slippage.
  • Fibre Assembly: Extensive knowledge of fibres combined with laboratory and field testing has resulted in an optimal fibre balance and density for unmatched strength.
  • Treatment: A specialised surface treatment plays a critical role in extending the product life, boosting grip and reducing abrasion in stress areas.

  • Bi-conical Titanium Base : Patented by Cousin, the textile sock element is locked in place between a titanium ring and the anchoring base. The unique conical geometry allows easy insertion of the rope, and ensures that the sock is perfectly integrated with the anchor base in supporting the applied load.

    Opening System : Pulling on the SK75 Dyneema® lanyard retracts the sock, relaxing the grip on the rope and allowing it to run freely in either direction. The lanyard can be fixed in the open position using the V-notch in the anchor base.