Ronstan Series 19 BB Batten SystemRonstan

RONSTAN Series 14 Systems - Overview

Ronstan Ball Bearing Batten System
Faster, Easier and Safer - Sailing professionals around the world choose Series 19 Ball Bearing Ronstan Batten Systems for superior and innovative features combined with race-proven performance and reliability.

  • With 5 track sizes available in the standard product range, there is a system with the right specifications for each boat and sail plan.
  • The range includes all elements for a complete system, including headboard plates and batten receptacles.
  • Easy track installation using patented slug connectors.
  • Minimum distance from mast to mainsail luff enhances mainsail efficiency
  • Batten receptacle links and accessories are available to suit other commonly available batten receptacles.

  • Applications:
    Monohulls to 14 m (46 ft) or sail area 44 m2 (474 ft2).
    Multihulls to 11 m (36 ft) or sail area 37 m2 (398 ft2).

    RONRC00010 - Ronstan Headboard Plates, 190mm x 120mm (Pair)
    Code: RONRC00010
    Original Price: $105.95
    Price: $90.10
    (You Save: $15.85)
    RONRC00020 - Ronstan Bush, 13mm (1/2 in.) Webbing, (Suits Cars RC11463, RC11963)
    Code: RONRC00020
    Original Price: $6.95
    Price: $5.91
    (You Save: $1.04)
    RONRC11960 - Ronstan Series 19 Headboard Car, 171mm x 47mm
    Code: RONRC11960
    Original Price: $499.95
    Price: $425.00
    (You Save: $74.95)
    RONRC11963 - Ronstan Series 19 Intermediate Car, 48mm x 47mm
    Code: RONRC11963
    Original Price: $182.95
    Price: $155.50
    (You Save: $27.45)
    RONRC11965 - Ronstan Series 19 Track Slide, Acetal, 37mm x 37mm
    Code: RONRC11965
    Original Price: $32.95
    Price: $28.00
    (You Save: $4.95)
    RONRC11966 - Ronstan Series 19 Batten Car, 66mm x 47mm
    Code: RONRC11966
    Original Price: $219.95
    Price: $187.00
    (You Save: $32.95)
    RONRC11969 - Ronstan Series 19 Batten Car, Quick Release, 66mm x 47mm
    Code: RONRC11969
    Original Price: $299.95
    Price: $255.00
    (You Save: $44.95)

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