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Racing Foul Weather Gear - Overview

Foul weather gear for racers has the challenging task of protecting the racers from rain, spray and rogue waves. But, if these were the only requirements, we'd all be wearing simple slickers. In addition to external water protection, racers must have gear that offer freedom of movement for when you really need to get moving. With the Mauri Pro selection of Racing Foul Weather Gear, racers can have the protection and freedom to excel and win.

Gill Foul Weather Racing

Constructed using a 5 Dot™, 3-layer highly breathable waterproof fabric, this jacket features an Ocean height collar and a new hood design that fits and moves with the head for improved visibility. Designed for maximum performance, it is uncompromising in design. Non-essential features have been removed to reduce fabric overlays, thereby increasing garment breathability. It's lightweight, active cut and radical new hood enhance comfort and freedom of movement.
Code: GILKB13J
Price: $ 325.00
Code: GILKB13S
Price: $ 349.00
Code: GILKB13T
Price: $ 339.00
Code: GILRC015
Price: $ 279.00
Code: GILRC017
Price: $ 169.00
Code: GILRC016
Price: $ 235.00
Code: GILRC025
Price: $ 120.00
Code: GILRC003
Price: $ 235.00
Code: HENY00311
Price: $ 295.00
Code: HENY00312
Price: $ 275.00
Code: HENY10149
Price: $ 279.00
Code: SLAS171017S00
Price: $ 380.00
Code: SLAS170025S00
Price: $ 425.00
Code: SLAS170024S00
Price: $ 395.00

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